Marion County Indiana Sheriff’s Office

  • Marion County, IN

  • $41,862 per year

  • Permanent

  • Full-time


This is a professional, direct-supervision position, combining the custody and control aspects of inmate management with the caring and therapeutic approach required for success with inmates impacted by trauma of previous sexual assault.

Examples of Duties

  • Works with inmates to provide a safe, therapeutic environment in housing and intensive out-of-unit services.
  • Maintains caseload of inmates participating in the Behavioral Management Program. Must be consistent with follow up and documentation of interactions.
  • Completes detailed case notes on all interactions with the inmates. Ability to document in OMS and in other manners, as directed.
  • Facilitate classes when needed for 10-12 inmates.
  • Ability to build relationships with providers in the community.
  • Responsible for the assessment of the inmates who disclose previous trauma with sexual assault. Behavioral Manager will work together with other community resources to fulfill needs, of the inmates, which may include shelter, crisis intervention counseling, referrals, food, general advocacy and support.
  • Communicates with inmates on a variety of subjects, observes for unusual and or potentially dangerous situations, takes appropriate action to support behavioral change and maintain security.
  • Working under the supervision of the Behavioral Management Team Coordinator, determines appropriate course of action when behavior results in jail rule violations.
  • Communicates on radio, phone, electronic communication or in person, with mental health, jail security, and others as needed, to obtain or exchange information about inmates and support development of individual wellness recovery action plans.
  • Handles location cards on each inmate; maintains logs on inmate and jail activities.
  • Writes and submits narrative reports on jail incidents.
  • As needed, performs duties concerned with other jail functions such as: searches cell block area during shakedown operations to detect and remove contraband, etc., escorts inmates to out-of-unit clinics, or other parts of the jail.
  • Work involves the pro-active support and /or delivery of therapeutic interventions, delivered primarily in groups, while providing effective jail security.
  • Observes food trays being passed through access door to cell block area; counts items, utensils and trays for proper number and retrieves, from cell block, all articles to assure proper number is returned after inmates have eaten. Arranges special trays for inmates who may have been out of cell block at meal time and diet trays, as required, for inmates.
  • Assists and observes distribution of medication to inmates by medical staff when required, confirming identity.
  • Uses professional techniques of physical restraint of inmates, when necessary, within the continuum of force, emphasizing the lowest level of force or restraint required, and using verbal skills of de-escalation and prevention to the greatest degree possible.
  • Assists deputies with transport of inmates and other floor duties, as needed.
  • Performs routine work in connection with provision of services (medical, library, programs, chaplain, mail, recreation, and commissary) for inmates.
  • Performs related duties concerned with jail security and the delivery of mental health services and behavioral change programs. May, when directed by supervisor, include referral to community residential and other supports when indicated and authorized by the inmate.
  • May perform other duties as directed by supervising staff.

Typical Qualifications

Skill in multi-tasking and experience handling caseloads

Skill in knowledge of community resources available for victims of sexual assault

Skill in working in an advocacy role with survivors of sexual assault

Skill in decision making

Skill in communicating and dealing effectively with people

Ability to be observant and alert

Ability to be objective and fair

Ability to work independently

Ability to work under stress

Ability to work well under pressure

Ability to demonstrate good time management and organizational skills.

Ability to work in jail environment

Ability to maintain a sense of urgency

Skill in written communication

Ability and willingness to learn

Ability to perform the physical demands of the job

Willingness to accept and perform the demands of the job

Ability and willingness to safeguard personal health and other confidential information

Personal characteristics compatible with the demands of the job

Screening process will include:

Oral Interview

Character/Background Investigation

Psychological and physical exam

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree plus one-year experience in mental health, victim advocate, law enforcement, corrections – as a correctional counselor, social work or a related field. An Associate’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, social work or another human services- related field, plus a minimum of three years’ experience in related work may substitute.

Must successfully complete the Detention Deputy Training Program.

Preferred experience:

Experience and/or education concerning specific needs of sexual assault victims in different programs and facilities. Experience in a client service/advocacy role in a crisis intervention capacity.

Supplemental Information

Must be able to work independently under limited supervision

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