Marion County Indiana Sheriff’s Office

  • Marion County, IN

  • $39,462 per year

  • Permanent

  • Full-time


The primary function of the employee in the Disabled Inmate Coordinator position is to ensure accessibility to qualified individual with a disability housed in the Marion County Jail to facility programs, services and activities without discrimination. To ensure ongoing accessibility, the Disabled Inmate Coordinator will evaluate facility policies and procedures, architectural barriers and communication. Further, Re-Entry planning and referral duties will be coordinated to provide opportunities for a smooth transition to the community.

Examples of Duties

  • Basic understanding of Physical, intellectual or developmental, traumatic brain injury, substance use disorder and mental health disabilities.
  • Ensure inmates with disabilities have appropriate communication options and services, including but not limited to devices, interpreters, and visual supports.
  • Ensure materials, such as the Inmate Handbook, are in accessible formats and languages easily understood by inmates with disabilities.
  • Serve as a liaison between disabled inmates and jail security, ensure inmates with disabilities have appropriate support materials to engage in daily activities.
  • Establish policies/procedures to engage disabled inmates with various Jail programs including but not limited to: Visitation, Chaplaincy, Mental Health, Medical, Programs, Behavioral Management, Recreation, Law Library, Commissary, Inmate Worker
  • Work closely with the Classification Unit to assure no inappropriate security classification for disabled inmates
  • Ensure compliance/protection of disabled inmate medical information with respect to HIPAA and ADA
  • Create new employee and ongoing employee training on ‘Disabled Inmates’
  • Develop and maintain a database of local vendors/agencies that provide post incarceration (Re-Entry) services and programs for disabled individuals for continuity of care.
  • Monitor appropriate staffing levels in the housing areas of disabled inmates
  • Monitor proper dietary restrictions/requirements
  • Monitor disabled inmates’ compliance with prescribed medications
  • Network with Parole, Probation and Community Corrections for a smooth transition of disabled inmates
  • Develop, interpret, and review departmental policies/procedures which impact assigned areas of responsibilities.
  • Develop performance measurements and quality assurance measures for assigned areas.
  • Compile, prepare, analyze, and present research findings and statistical reports.
  • Design programs/processes for handling applicable crisis interventions for substance related emergencies.
  • Serve as liaison with internal and external stakeholders in order to collect, share and develop pertinent information related to services for disabled inmates
  • Review and approve each Jail goals, objectives, and performance measures.
  • Assure applicable rules, regulations, policies/procedures, and standards are met throughout the management programs.
  • Serve as liaison and point of contact for issues regarding matters.
  • Responsible for incarcerated individual correspondence regarding treatment issues and complaints in coordination with the ED of Behavioral Health
  • Monitor services provided in addiction recovery units ensuring treatment provided with fidelity in a time efficient manner.
  • Work with the Jail security and civilian staff to develop a culture of support where staff working with disabled inmates are valued and recognized for their contributions for better employee retention.
  • Represent the Department at professional association meetings, conferences when requested by the Sheriff
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office or similar software.
  • Basic understanding of office equipment.
  • Ability to work independently and identify and solve problems.
  • Other duties as assigned

Typical Qualifications

Requires a bachelor’s degree, preferably a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW or BASW). Experience working with the disabled, working in a correctional facility or criminal justice field is not required but preferred.

Possess interpersonal communication and organizational skills as well as critical thinking, active listening as well as cultural competence

Basic knowledge:

  • 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act
  • 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design as related to jails/prisons
  • 2008 Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA)

Life experience

Supplemental Information

Position requires solid decision-making skills taking into consideration public safety, staff safety, combined with offender safety and accountability.

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