Position Summary

Counsels adult offenders toward achieving compliance with legal conditions of probation by performing the following duties, conducts pre-sentence investigations, and serves in a variety of capacities and assignments within the department as required and directed by the Chief Probation Officer.

Position Responsibilities

Serves at all times as an Officer of the Court and will be assigned a unit based on the needs of the department which include casework, pre-sentence investigations, intake, pre-trial and court team.

Utilize and administer the Indiana Risk Assessment System.

Maintains appropriate communication with offenders, legal representatives, treatment providers, placement agencies and other concerned persons.

Reviews documents pertaining to legal and social history of offender.

Completes court paperwork and correspondence as required.

Testifies in court and makes appropriate recommendations.

Conducts interviews with offenders to inform them of legal requirements of Probation.

Conducts field visits in compliance with the Indiana Judicial Center contact standard requirements.

Maintain collaboration between counselors, treatment agencies, public services agencies, placement agencies, etc. as required.

Adheres to all Policies and Procedures of the Marion Superior Court.

Serves in other capacities and assignments as requested, required and/or directed by the Chief Probation Officer, while always adhering to the department’s overall team philosophy and practice.


The minimum of a Bachelor’s degree required.

Previous internship in probation helpful.

Required to pass the Probation Officers Certification Examination for Indiana within six months of employment as a probation officer. Other certificates and training may be required to in order to serve in other assignments within the department.

Bi-lingual skills in Spanish, ASL or Burmese preferred.

Marion County residency required within six months of employment.

To apply, please email your resume AND a copy of your certified college transcripts to probationapplicants@indy.gov by November 23, 2022. Both the resume and transcripts MUST be received for consideration. However, students in their final semester can apply, indicating their graduation date on the email and may be considered pending graduation and receipt of final transcripts.

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