City of Indianapolis and Marion County

City of Indianapolis and Marion County

  • Marion County, IN

  • $41,000 per year

  • Training

  • Full-time

Position Summary

Counsels adult offenders toward achieving compliance with appearance in court and in promoting public safety by performing the following duties, and serves in a variety of capacities and assignments within the department as required and directed by the Chief Probation Officer.

*First and second shifts are available. Shift differential is applicable for second shift*

Position Responsibilities

  • Confers with offender, legal representatives, family, and other concerned persons, and reviews documents pertaining to legal and social history of offender to conduct pre-heating or pre-sentenciing investigations to ensure compliance with court appearance;
  • Compiles reports, testifies in court, and makes recommendations concerning ongoing needs, newly identified problems, violations of release, etc.;
  • Informs offenders of legal requirements of supervision such as visits to office, restitution payments, or educational and employment stipulations;
  • Counsel offenders and conduct office appointments per policy;
  • Completes risk assessments;
  • Supervises electronic monitoring conditions of release;
  • Schedules and monitors compliance of conditions of pretrial on all assigned cases;
  • Makes referrals for court ordered conditions of pretrial;
  • Maintains daily outlook calendar of appointments and other obligations;
  • Prepares and submits violation petitions, requests for modification and memorandums for Court action;
  • Utilizes Administrative Sanctions and Incentives;
  • Ensures cases are in good standing prior to transfer to another officer or caseload assignment;
  • Enters a case note under each case where action on case or file was made;
  • Updates the case management system as required per policy;
  • Staffs cases with supervisor;
  • Answers and returns phone calls;
  • Answers and responds to emails;
  • Maintains an accurate electronic employee timesheet in KRONOS.
  • Attends unit meetings;
  • Attends individual meetings with assigned supervisor upon request;
  • Obtains and maintains IRAS certification status;
  • Completes the minimum number of training hours as required;
  • Meets or exceeds expectation standards in all quality assurance instruments;
  • Meets or exceeds expectation standards in all performance reviews;
  • Provides support to the team as needed;
  • Participates in committee or work groups developed to address specific topics relevant to the pretrial services operations;
  • Notifies supervisor of requests for benefit leave;
  • Notifies supervisor of leave status requests (i.e. medical, bereavement, FMLA);
  • Appears and testifies in Court as required;
  • Complies with officer designated responsibilities as stated in pretrial policies;
  • Maintains a skill set and knowledge base consistent with efficient and effective community-based and evidenced-based principles and practices;
  • Collaborates with Law Enforcement, if required;
  • Serves at all times as an officer of the Court;
  • Serves in other capacities and assignments as requested, required and/or directed by the Chief Probation Officer, while always adhering to the department’s overall “team” philosophy and practice.



The minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the field of Criminal Justice or Criminology. Previous internship in probation helpful.


Required to pass the Probation Officers Certification Examination for Indiana within six months of employment as a probation officer and obtain IRAS certification. Other certificates and training may be required to in order to serve in other assignments within the department.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Marion County residency is required within six months from the date of hire.

Salary enhancements for bi-lingual skills are available. Prior Probation Officer experience will be considered for salary calculation.

To apply, please email your resume AND a copy of your certified college transcripts to by November 23, 2022. Both the resume and transcripts MUST be received for consideration. However, students in their final semester can apply, indicating their graduation date on the email and may be considered pending graduation and receipt of final transcripts.

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