Position Summary

Position is responsible for supporting the policy-making functions of the Department’s long-range planning team through the research, management, and communication of information and the evaluation and improvement of planning policies, programs, and processes. This position oversees management, standardization, and maintenance of data and geospatial assets for the team, and serves as a liaison and partner to similar functions of peer teams, departments, and agencies within the City of Indianapolis-Marion County enterprise. Position responsible for evaluating existing and proposed policies, programs, and processes for improvement and impact. Position supports innovative policy development by maintaining best practice understanding, undertaking original inquiry, and working to integrate innovation, technology, and analytical research into all aspects of the long-range planning team’s work.

Position Responsibilities

Manage, maintain, and create datasets and geospatial data.

Develop maps, graphics, and documents that effectively communicate information.

Conduct economic, demographic, socioeconomic, and geospatial research and analysis.

Advise on implementation of best practices, emerging trends, and opportunities for innovation in planning and public policy, including understanding the implications of emerging demographic, socioeconomic, technological, and geopolitical changes.

Prepare reports, analyses, recommendations, assessments, and impact evaluations related to planning studies.

Evaluate team processes for effectiveness and strategic alignment and make recommendations for improvement.

Review information collection, maintenance, policies, and communication for legal, ethical, and privacy concerns.

Strive to integrate technology and information in all aspects of planning processes and products.

Empower peers, partners, and community residents through a commitment to improving access to and understanding of data, research, information, and plan and policy recommendations.

Function as the archivist for planning studies and reports.

Participate in and support interdisciplinary and cross-divisional action teams or projects undertaken by the Department.

Review the work of consultants and intern staff.

This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities that management may deem necessary from time to time.


Bachelor’s degree in urban and regional planning, information systems, public policy, or related fields is required. Excellent data analysis, writing, graphic communication, cartography, and public communication skills required. Experience with process improvement and program evaluation techniques required. Familiarity with U.S. Census Bureau products required. Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment required. Commitment to professional growth and development required. Experience in research and data collection required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign required. Proficiency in Trimble SketchUp and AutoCAD preferred. Lean Six Sigma certification desired. American Institute of Certified Planners certification desired. Ability to speak and write intermediate-level Spanish language desired.

Independent Judgment

Position should rely on experience and judgment to accomplish assignments. Other duties and tasks, including independent judgment are routine in nature and performed under moderate supervision following standard procedures.

All rates are bi-weekly

Anthem CDHP High Includes Retiree Health Fund employee contribution

Single: $44.89 EE+ Spouse: $89.73 EE+ Child(ren): $68.88 Family: $117.11

Anthem CDHP Medium Includes Retiree Health Fund employee contribution

Single: $61.98 EE+ Spouse: $130.49 EE+ Child(ren): $98.63 Family: $172.33

Anthem CDHP Low Includes Retiree Health Fund employee contribution

Single: $78.25 EE+ Spouse: $169.29 EE+ Child(ren): $126.95 Family: $224.89

Delta Dental High

Single: $13.90 EE+ Spouse: $29.59 EE+ Child(ren): $33.15 Family: $52.66

Delta Dental Low

Single: $8.02 EE+ Spouse: $15.94 EE+ Child(ren): $21.57 Family: $33.15

ANTHEM Vision Plan

Single: $2.85 EE+ Spouse: $5.16 EE+ Child(ren): $5.43 Family: $8.38

Life Insurance Employee Only (rates per $1,000 per month):

Basic: No Cost

Optional Life Insurance Employee Only (rates per $1,000 per month)


25-29 $0.053

30-34 $0.075

35-39 $0.090

40-44 $0.120

45-49 $0.203

50-54 $0.330

55-59 $0.545

60-64 $0.723

65-69 $1.308

70 + $1.867

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