Boone County, Indiana Healthcare

Boone County, Indiana is in the northwest portion of the 9-county Indy region. This community offers a large variety of healthcare opportunities for its residents, including public, private, and faith-based medical facilities. 

Zionsville and Whitestown Residents Have Access to a Variety of Healthcare Facilities.

Boone County, Indiana provides suburban and rural living opportunities, requiring a specific ratio of hospitals, urgent care locations, and specialty doctors’ offices. Residents can live the life they want while feeling confident that they have quick and easy access to quality healthcare.

Boone County, Indiana

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Mental Health Services

Mental Health America of Boone County promotes and develops programs providing safe refuge from traumatic life events and addresses the intellectual, emotional, physical, recreational, and cultural needs of the youth of Boone County and their families.

Learn more about MHABC.

County-Owned Health System

Witham Health Services is a county-owned hospital located in Lebanon, Indiana. The hospital was established in 1915 with a grant from Flavius J. Witham and their family. The hospital opened in 1917. In 2003, Witham opened a 128,000-square-foot replacement hospital.

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