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The Indianapolis region is committed to discovering better ways to power our planet.

Now more than ever, the health and well-being of our world depend on developing clean energy solutions that reduce costs, emissions, and waste. But today’s global energy challenges are too complex to be solved by any one industry or field. That’s why Indy’s diverse companies and organizations collaborate together to create a world-class energy technology cluster.

The first all-electric bus rapid transit system was not launched in LA, New York, or D.C. It was launched right here in Indianapolis. IndyGo’s pioneering success in this space speaks to the bipartisan business successes that are seen often in the Indy Region. 

The region’s commitment to clean energy and heritage in racing led to the creation of the Indy Autonomous Challenge. A primary goal of the IAC is to advance technology that can speed the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles and deployments of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). These enhancements will lead to increased safety and performance in all modes of motorsports and commercial transportation. In addition, the competition is a platform for students to excel in STEM.

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Are you interested in learning more about the advanced energy technology industry in Indianapolis? Energy Systems Network is a local nonprofit building an energy ecosystem that integrates all aspects of the energy landscape: energy generation, distribution, the built environment, and transportation.

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