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The Indianapolis region is built for makers and movers.

Our advanced manufacturing industry is the second-largest industry sector in the U.S. by GDP and overall production. With our world-class universities and research facilities, we stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and ensure our talent has the training they need to succeed. That’s why Indiana is leading the nation in manufacturing job growth—with the highest share of manufacturing employment in the U.S.

And best of all, Indiana’s centralized location makes moving those goods efficient, easy, and cost-effective. We’re a global logistics leader and one of the largest export states in the nation, giving companies a strong competitive advantage.

There’s a good reason Indiana is called the Crossroads of America. From Indy, you’re within a 12-hour drive of about 75% of the U.S. population, which is why over $650 billion in goods move through our roads, rail, ports, and airports each year. Indiana is the national leader in pass-through interstates, ranked fourth in total freight railroads, and home to three international ports. And the Indianapolis International Airport—one of the top airports in the country—is the eighth largest cargo facility in the U.S. with the world’s second-largest FedEx air hub.

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Are you interested in learning more about the advanced manufacturing and logistics (AML) industry in Indianapolis? Conexus is a local non-profit leading the growth initiative for Indiana’s AML industry. They are a network of industry, education, and public-sector leaders focused on strengthening our competitive advantage. 

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