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The Indianapolis region is leading a tech transformation in the Midwest.

More and more, the world is recognizing that Indy’s fast-growing tech ecosystem is made for high-speed innovation. Indianapolis has been ranked one of the best cities to start a business as well as one of the best cities for women in tech. And major global companies like Salesforce and Infosys thrive in Indiana, where they have access to a network of industry leaders, 23 Certified Tech Parks, and leading research institutions.

Our universities help power the world’s data, fueling the next wave of innovation in the global marketplace. Purdue University was recently ranked 15th worldwide for university-issued patents and has more supercomputing capacity than any other U.S. campus. Meanwhile, the Indiana University Global Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) is responsible for managing more than 20 global research networks.

Right now, Indy’s tech companies are booming, and that’s partially thanks to our community’s investment in tech startups and venture capital funding. From startups to scale-ups, Indiana has the highest tech job growth rate in small firms—one of only three states to increase the number of jobs in firms smaller than 50 employees. So, whether you’re an ambitious new entrepreneur or an experienced tech professional, the Indianapolis region is a place where you can make an impact in the industry.

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