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From leading employers to nightlife hotspots, Life in Indy is your comprehensive guide to the Indianapolis region. This site gives you a full virtual tour experience, so you can explore our community and discover where in Indy is the best place for your new home.

The Indianapolis region has a quiet reputation for exceptional living.

The truth is that Indianapolis is one of our country’s best kept secrets—a hidden gem in the heart of the Midwest. But we decided the Indy region shouldn’t be a secret anymore. 

Our capital city is a booming global business hub with quality education, innovative companies, and genuinely welcoming people. However, no one seems to realize just how much we have to offer. Again and again, visitors are surprised to discover that Indianapolis is a vibrant metropolitan community they’d love to call home.

That’s why we created Life in Indy, a collaborative initiative that showcases what we love about the Indianapolis region. We’ve brought together diverse voices from across the region to share their experiences and why they love living in Indy.

Explore life in the Indianapolis region.

The Life in Indy website gives you an insider look into the Indianapolis region. We feature authentic articles written by people who live and work in the community, discussing everything from their favorite museums to our biggest industries. In the Find Your Neighborhood section, you can even hear directly from local residents about their homes around the region.

We also make it easy for you to start growing your Indy community. Our Indyfluencers are local volunteers who are all happy to connect with you and share their experiences in Indy.

Whether you’re a new college grad or a corporate CEO, Life in Indy helps you envision your life in the Indianapolis region until you can experience it for yourself.

“I love Indy because of the opportunities. Being in the sports business, [Indy] has provided a lot more opportunities for people of color to… do things in conjunction with the professional sports programs that we have here in Indianapolis.”
-Amp Harris, Sports and Entertainment Entrepreneur