Welcome to the Crossroads of America.

With our centralized location and reliable infrastructure, Indiana is famous for our crossroads. Four major interstates intersect in the Indianapolis region, creating a bustling logistics hub at the very heart of the nation. So, wherever you live, you have easy access to our interstate network, public transportation, and nearby international airport.

Indianapolis is interconnected and accessible.

From buses to bikeshares, Indianapolis has a robust public transportation system ready to move you around the city. In 2019, the Indianapolis IndyGo transit system ran over 200 buses, serving a fixed route ridership of over nine million. IndyGo also recently expanded their system capacity with a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. Indy’s first BRT line—the Red Line—began operation in September 2019, connecting Indy’s northern suburbs to our southern cities. At this time, the city is already implementing plans for additional BRT lines.

Meanwhile, Marion County has also invested in an ambitious 25-year Transit Plan that envisions a better, more interconnected transportation network. Currently, the goal is to start linking our trails, bus routes, and rail lines together with the region’s roadways. Overall, this plan is expected to increase our public transportation capacity by 70% and help connect people across the region.

Woman riding bike through city with dog on leash

Photo courtesy of IndyHub

Man and woman talking next to bikeshare bike rack

Photo courtesy of IndyHub

The Monon Trail goes from downtown all the way up north. You can ride your bike. You can walk. So, I love just being able to get out and explore. I never take the same route, so I’m always biking and riding and walking through different neighborhoods.

- Tamika Catchings


Explore the trailblazing City of Indianapolis.

Downtown Indianapolis is an accessible, walkable city center built for eco-friendly exploring. From Mass Ave to the White River State Park, you can easily visit our major cultural districts thanks to the 153 miles of trails across the city. One of our most popular trails is The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, an eight-mile multi-use pedestrian path. So, you can easily explore all six of Indy’s cultural districts and see some of the city’s most beautiful sites and public art.

The Indy region is also home to the Monon Rail Trail—one of the most active regional trail systems in the country. The Monon connects to the Cultural Trail in Indianapolis and stretches over 25 miles northward through the neighboring Hamilton County. Lined with beautiful trees and local artwork, the paved pedestrian path is perfect for cyclists, runners, and families.

And if urban biking is more your speed, Marion County currently supports 100 miles of on-street bike lanes with about 200 more planned for future development. You can also find electric rental scooters around downtown or grab a Pacers Bikeshare bicycle at one of the 52 rental stations across the city. 


Fly with confidence at North America’s best airport.

From Indy, you can easily travel across the country and around the world. Whether you’re flying to Chicago or Paris, the Indianapolis International Airport makes your travel plans quick and simple with their high-quality service.

The Indianapolis International Airport is nationally renowned as one of the top airports in the United States, ranked the Best Airport in North America seven years in a row. They offer 53 non-stop destinations and serve over 9.4 million passengers each year—all while maintaining their reputation for exceptional passenger satisfaction. And best of all, the airport is only 14 miles out from downtown Indy, bringing you one step closer to your next adventure.