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Indy is a destination for creative arts and culture.

From T.C. Steele’s landscapes to Kurt Vonnegut’s works, Indianapolis has always been a city of creators. Our region is a hub of independent filmmakers, a growing community of fashion designers, and the birthplace of jazz legends like Wes Montgomery and Noble Sissle. We have over 30 museums and 125 arts organizations—on top of our vibrant music venues, a world-class ballet company, and one of the nation’s leading orchestras.

But art thrives in every corner of our community. With a collaborative culture and a low cost of living, Indy is the ideal location for creative entrepreneurs to launch their artistic ventures.

In fact, most of our artists are self-starters and innovators like GANGGANG, a first-of-its-kind cultural development firm launched in 2020. Now, they’re a powerful voice for equity in the arts, organizing events and creating opportunities for other artists of color. Because that’s what it means to be Indy. We give local artists a space to create and invest in initiatives that strengthen our culture, working together to support a colorful community where anyone can fuel their creativity.

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Are you interested in learning more about Indianapolis’s growing creative economy? Indy Arts Council is a local non-profit charged with making a positive impact in the community through arts and culture. It often connects creatives across the Indy Region with opportunities.

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