Brownsburg is a fast-growing suburb on the west side of Indianapolis.

People kayaking along the White River

Photo courtesy of the Town of Brownsburg

I’m not a lifelong Hoosier. I moved to Indianapolis in 2017 for my relationship. We were living in Pike Township for a few years and then we decided to buy a house. Through that process, we checked out quite a few different areas around the Indy Region. My significant other has family in Brownsburg so that was always on our list.

The day we looked at a few places in Brownsburg we quickly fell in love with the little community and quickly bought a home in January 2022. Since then, we have been building a community of people and places we just love. It really is the “best of both worlds” as they say.

It is so easy for us to jump in the car and be downtown in 20 minutes or less, or we can stay in Brownsburg for a quieter night out in our neighborhood. It is the Town of Brownsburg and it really does feel like that close-knit community that comes from town living. 

Finding a community with diversity was important to us when selecting Brownsburg.

My partner and I knew that we wanted to find a neighborhood where we could be surrounded by a diverse and broad range of people.

Our little community has continued to grow since moving into the neighborhood and we have found that we are surrounded by people of different races, ethnicity, sexual identities, and more. And I that a country suburb is not often a place people go to when looking for a vibrant and diverse group of individuals, but we really have been pleasantly surprised. 

Rocky Ripple

Fun Facts

Brownsburg is home to the Lucas Oil Raceway. 

In the 1960’s, Brownsburg Indiana had the largest varsity basketball gym in the country. 

Brownsburg manages more than 300 acres of parks and trails throughout the city. 

Sign outside the town of Rocky Ripple
People chatting in a Rocky Ripple backyard

We love getting out in the town to support local businesses.  

Brown Skin Coffee is our favorite coffee shop in town, and honestly, one of my favorite coffee places in Indianapolis. And recently a new Indian restaurant opened up super close to our house that has quickly made it into our dinner rotation.

Honestly, it feels like we see a new local shop or a new local business open every time we are out and about. And I would be lying if I said that there were as many local places as say Irvington, but what I can say is that Brownsburg is growing really fast and we have been pleased to see that growth bring more local businesses and more culture into the community. 

Often times when suburbs are growing as quickly as Brownsburg is, all of the character can quickly disappear. But we have found the opposite so far. And we hope that trend continues as our roots grow deeper into the neighborhood. 

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You can be surrounded by nature when you call Brownsburg home.

Nature comes naturally when you live in a country suburb like the Town of Brownsburg, but the parks and trails in our community are truly next level. When people link about Indianapolis parks, they often think about Eagle Creek, but I wouldn’t sleep on the beauty of Brownsburg’s greenspaces. 

Arbuckle Acres Park is my personal favorite. It is 52 acres with tree-lined paths and community tennis and basketball courts My partner and I have spent many days and nights walking throughout Arbuckle and taking in the sights and sounds of a large park. 

What I’m most excited about right now is all of the thought and investment going into the future of the Brownsburg Parks system. Not only did we just break ground on a new park, the parks system is in the process of developing its 2028 master plan. 

Honestly, the growth of the parks here in Brownsburg is just one example of many ways we are currently watching a town become a city. 

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  • Brownsburg Community Schools
  • Indiana Math & Science Academy
  • Bethesda Christian


  • The Locale
  • Rick’s Cafe Boatyard
  • Arni’s


  • Ella Mae’s Boutique
  • The Hayloft 
  • Seek & Find


  • Blues in the Burg
  • Board & Brush
  • Montrose Farms


  • 19 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 21 Minute Drive

Dog Parks

  • Cardinal Bark Park
  • Arbuckle Acres
  • Stephens Park

Homes remain affordable through Brownsburg’s impressive growth.

As I mentioned earlier, we looked all over the Indy Region when we were deciding where to purchase, and ultimately, the affordability of homes that we saw here, combined with the growing and diverse ecosystem of local businesses and residents helped Brownsburg rise to the top of our list a few years ago. 

We were happy with our decision back then and that feeling has only grown more positive as we watch all of the intentional and exciting growth. And I truly believe that growth is attracting more people like my partner and me. 

Brownsburg is known as a great place to raise a family, and it is. The school system is amazing and there are countless opportunities for young kids and teenagers alike to engage in the community. That said, as local businesses continue to expand here, so do the community events calendar and nightlife opportunities. 

Throughout all of the exciting additions to the Brownsburg community, it still remains one of the more affordable suburbs in the region. If you want to get more house or yard for your dollar, we would both highly recommend our amazing and ever-changing community.