Welcome to Franklin, Indiana: a college town community with big opportunities.

Exterior of the town square in Franklin

Franklin, Indiana, is a place that truly lives up to its motto: “Live, Work, Play for a Lifetime!” Located just 25 miles south of downtown Indianapolis, Franklin is a historic city that offers a unique and vibrant experience.

My wife and I both grew up around the city. But when we first left for college, we didn’t know if we would be coming back to the area. After graduating from one of the nation’s top business schools, we both had opportunities to move out of state. However, we came to truly appreciate Franklin’s community after being away for several years. So, when we were looking for our future home, we made the decision to settle down for the long haul in this great community.

Franklin is a vibrant city with a bustling downtown.

Inside the city, Franklin provides a balance between the old and the new. Our historic downtown square is right in the center of town, so you can easily access local activities and enjoy the unique character of Franklin. And throughout the city, Victorian style houses line the main streets. Our homeowners and businesses have done a remarkable job renovating and maintaining all of Franklin’s beautiful historic buildings!

In the heart of Franklin, you’ll also find the picturesque and quaint Franklin College. Established in 1834, Franklin College attracts hundreds of students every fall, bringing a vibrant energy to our downtown community. Additionally, the college offers many cultural and athletic events for Franklin residents to attend, bringing the community together for some exciting experiences.

Live in a suburban or rural home near the city center.

If living in a nice suburb neighborhood is more your preference, there are multiple subdivisions available around the city—many of which are connected through an expansive paved trail system. The area also supports a strong education system that’s perfect for raising your kids. In addition to our college, Franklin Community School Corporation recently built a state-of-the-art high school for its district. The school hosts many athletic and extracurricular activities not just for Johnson County but for the entire state of Indiana, further strengthening our community connections.

And if you want a calmer lifestyle, moving into the “country” is a great option. My wife grew up 15 minutes west of downtown Franklin in a vibrant, rural community. With a rich agricultural history, many farms there have been passed down for generations. But they still welcome new neighbors who want to enjoy the lowkey lifestyle in the area! Their genuine nature, strong values, and sense of community are unmatched—and a large influence on us wanting to raise a family in Franklin.


Fun Facts

Franklin is famous for the “Wonder 5,” a talented group of high school basketball players who won three straight state championships in the 1920s. The team was coached by legend Ernest “Griz” Wagner and went on to become national champions during their time at Franklin College.

The local Artcraft Theatre was originally built as a vaudeville house in 1922. It’s one of the most intact Art Deco movie houses in the area.  

Local legend Steve Alford’s father went to Franklin College, giving him a strong connection to the city. Alford led the Indiana Hoosiers to an NCAA Championship back in the day and now comes back to Franklin every year to host a summer basketball camp.

Exterior Town Hall Franklin
Exterior Downtown Frankin

Discover your next career opportunity in Franklin.

When it comes to work, Franklin offers many dynamic opportunities to further your career. Whether it be in the city, a nearby town, or even downtown Indianapolis, living in Franklin gives you options and accessibility. 

For educators, Franklin has a wide array of job opportunities between our local school corporation and our nearby post-secondary institutions. Both Franklin College and our Ivy Tech campus offer ample jobs in higher education as well as support for our local talent pipeline. For healthcare professionals, the Johnson County Memorial Health network and hospital sustains our robust medical industry. And for the entrepreneur in all of us, the City of Franklin encourages and supports small business success. 

Downtown Franklin is also home to many local small businesses, ranging from restaurants to boutiques. Around the square, there are quite a few locally-owned stores and restaurants that make for an enjoyable afternoon of walking, eating, and antiquing. Many of them have been around for years and are a staple for Franklin residents. Our coffee shops are great places to meet up with friends and foster a strong sense of community. And over the last several years, the downtown area has welcomed a lot of new banquet halls and unique eateries. 

Franklin connects you with downtown Indianapolis and its business community.

Franklin is also an ideal location for people who live outside of Indianapolis and simply commute to work. We’re located just off Interstate 65 about 25 miles south of Indianapolis, making it a short daily trip to the city and back. 

That puts you in the vicinity of several top-notch corporations that have made Indy their home, like Eli Lilly and Co. and Salesforce. Eli Lilly is a global pharmaceutical company that employs over 10,000 Hoosiers, and Indianapolis is home to the second largest Salesforce office in the country. These companies are only two of the organizations that drive innovation and create countless opportunities in our community.

Whether you work in Franklin or outside the city, our unique blend of businesses caters to any pace, profession, or area of interest—making it the perfect place to call home!

Franklin offers unique local restaurants and things to do.

What I love most about living in Franklin are all of the activities and events available in this community. If you like to eat at delicious restaurants, visit artisanal coffee shops, or go to the local farmer’s market, Franklin has you covered!

Explore a night out in Franklin.

At night, you can check out one of the new restaurants around town or dine at The Willard, a classic, long-standing local bar and grill. One of my favorite date night plans is eating at the Garment Factory just south of the downtown square. The Garment Factory is named for its historic building, which was constructed in the 1920s for seamstresses to make clothing for the military during World War II. Now, the building is a renovated lounge and event center that offers a unique and evolving menu.

After dinner, you can make your way over to the historic Artcraft Theatre. This Art Deco style building is adorned with bright, flashing lights and creates an ambience that makes you feel like you stepped back in time. They put on a number of films each year for you to enjoy in their aesthetic theater. But if films are not your thing, you can try some classic duckpin bowling in one of the nearby downtown buildings right off the square.

Enjoy seasonal community events.

Whatever your flavor, Franklin has a little bit of fun for everyone! And as the seasons change, the city does an amazing job of bringing together the community for special events throughout the year.

During the holiday season, the downtown courthouse is lit up with festive lights, making it a great place for caroling. The local businesses always work together to really make the city come to life with all their Christmas décor. But I think summer may be my favorite time of the year in Franklin. At the start of summer, the annual Strawberries on the Square event always attracts a large crowd, and lots of food vendors line the streets, waiting for you to take a seat and enjoy the delicious food!

Walk Score



  • Franklin College
  • Ivy Tech
  • Franklin Community School Corporation


  • The Willard
  • RFD Franklin
  • Ann’s Restaurant


  • Madison Street Salvage
  • Toodleydoo Toys
  • Wild Geese Bookshop


  • 10 Pins Duckpin Bowling
  • Artcraft Theatre
  • Johnson County Historical Museum


  • 35 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 40 Minute Drive 

Dog Parks

  • Province Park 
  • Blue Heron Park

Downtown Franklin is my favorite spot on Saturday mornings.

Every Saturday morning, my friends and I have a Franklin tradition. Firstly, we meet early at the courthouse for a six-mile run on one of the trails running through downtown Franklin. We see dozens of bikers, joggers, walkers, and families out enjoying the trail system on a nice day. Province Park is also a quaint venue nestled right in the heart of downtown, offering a great space for outdoor activities.

In the summer, our Saturday morning routine also includes a stop a the Franklin Farmers Market. We enjoy getting home-grown produce, locally raised meats, and seeing other Franklin residents. I recommend stopping by the tent with homemade jams and trying their delicious lemonade. And if you want fresh eggs, you better act fast! They go quickly, and we like to stock up for the week!

Grab a bite of breakfast at our local restaurants.

Then, after our run, we always head over to one of our local coffee shops for breakfast! Two places that we often visit are Main and Madison and Coffeehouse Five. On a Saturday morning, the energy and fellowship at these shops is absolutely infectious. Main and Madison has a great selection of breakfast items, beverages, and fresh baked goods. I am partial to their Good Morning Ciabatta with a fresh cinnamon roll. They also make it a point to cater to the community in unique ways, like their recent Breakfast in Bed menu for Valentine’s Day. 

Meanwhile, Coffeehouse Five is a For-Benefit business, which means that their net revenue goes towards services that support the Franklin community. So, if you pay them a visit, you can feel good knowing your nitro cold brew helps give back to our neighborhood. And if you see a couple men in running gear doing the New York Times crossword, be sure to come say hello! 


Exterior Coffeehouse Five

Franklin is where you live, work, and play for a lifetime.

Tying everything back to our city’s motto, Franklin offers a unique blend of history, community, and culture that truly allows you to find a home that lasts a lifetime. I think it’s safe to assume that my wife and I don’t plan on ever leaving this city again, and we hope our children and our children’s children will love living here as much as we do. 

After all, Indianapolis is already such a great city with endless opportunities. It makes sense that the surrounding Indy communities would jump on that bandwagon and become exceptional places to live. Our college town is the ideal community to get away from the city bustle while still easily accessing Indianapolis.