Greenwood, Indiana, is a suburb neighborhood built for community and opportunity.

Greenwood Clock Old Town

Have you ever wanted to live in a city, a village, and a metropolis all at once? Well, welcome home, friend! Since moving from Detroit to Greenwood, I’ve felt like I’m everywhere I want to be at the same time.

Greenwood is a suburban city located on the southside of Indianapolis in Johnson County. We’re far enough from Indianapolis that Greenwood feels like an oasis from the big city. But it’s still only about 20 minutes away from downtown!

My family and I made the big move to Greenwood from Michigan just four years ago. My husband had accepted a new career opportunity in Columbus, Indiana. So, we began searching for a place in the area. We knew we wanted to be in a great neighborhood with an excellent school district that felt like home. And Greenwood certainly fit the bill of what we wanted in our new city!

Being an implant family doesn’t feel so bad when you’re living in Greenwood. When we first moved in, we immediately felt like part of the family. We received welcome baskets, smiles, and lots of neighbors saying, “Come on over!” And their welcome continues to make our family feel like lifelong Hoosiers.

Greenwood is a great city to pursue your career and raise a family. 

Just like the saying goes, Greenwood really is a place where everyone knows your name! The community here feels tight-knit and caring, like you’re nestled in a corner full of friends and family. And that family-friendly atmosphere carries throughout the city, from our walkable urban parks to our local public library. 

When my family moved to Indiana, we knew we needed a home with great schools. At the time, we already had four daughters who needed a quality education. (And now, we have six!) During our search, Greenwood popped up again and again because of their excellent school systems. There are three systems in the area: Greenwood Community Schools, Clark-Pleasant, and Center Grove. And all three have received A-ratings—a score that shows newcomers like me how great they really are! 

Greenwood also has lots of opportunities if you’re looking to advance your career. Our continued growth has attracted more and more Fortune 500 companies and brought more jobs for local residents. Over the past five years, Greenwood’s warehousing and logistics scene has especially boomed, bringing companies like Amazon, FedEx, and Spartan Logistics to the neighborhood. With all this and more, it’s no surprise that Greenwood is one of Indiana’s top cities to live in!


Fun Facts

Greenwood was first known as “Smocktown” or “Smock’s Settlement” in honor of the Smock Brothers. Then, in 1825, they changed the name to Greenfield, but there was already a Greenfield in Hancock County. So, they finally settled on Greenwood.

The Greenwood Commercial Historic District was added on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991. Altogether, this district encompasses 25 buildings and 32 acres.

The Greenwood Community Garden is located on the north side of Fry Road. For a fee, residents can rent a 20-foot square plot to grow plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Greenwood has all the big-city amenities you could want or need. 

After you settle in, there are plenty of things to do in Greenwood. You can grab a morning coffee at one of our many local coffee shops. You can go out for dinner and drinks with friends at a nearby brewery. And after you fuel up, you can hit the Greenwood Mall and spend the day shopping just minutes from your home!

Time for a Target run? Greenwood’s got you. Or are you an Aldi expert? We’ve got you there, too. Whatever big chain stores or shops you prefer, Greenwood has everything you need within a short 15-minute drive. I love being able to get to everything quickly and easily, even if I need to drive up to Indianapolis. And, of course, it cuts down my errand time because everything is so close to home! By moving to Greenwood, I saved myself more time for the things I like doing most.

In the years we’ve lived here, my family and I have also found spaces for us in the community. Our daughters have joined local Girl Scout Troops, and my husband and I have co-ed softball and volleyball teams. We’ve also found a place of worship that is so welcoming, where the people all feel like part of the family. 

Greenwood brings you close to downtown hotspots and local favorites.

Greenwood also offers an easy commute into downtown Indianapolis. In less than 30 minutes, you can drive up to Indy and make your reservation at one of the city’s best restaurants! Over the years, my husband and I have explored many fun things to do in the area, like archery, fine dining, and late-night drinks. 

But even though the spoils of downtown Indy are close, you won’t need to travel out of town for much. As I said, Greenwood has all the amenities you need to live the life you want. My family loves to play hard, eat good, and shop easy—and Greenwood gives us the best of all three. With cute apartments, country townhomes, and new builds in the bustling suburbs, everyone can find their home here! 

If you head into downtown Greenwood, you can even see how the city has changed over the years. It’s obvious just by looking at the architecture, with the old and the new right next to each other. You can visit the fully renovated Old Town Park and then grab a cone at Mrs. Curl Ice Cream, built back in 1962. So, next time you’re in Greenwood, take a moment to explore. Our downtown tells the story of an ever-growing city that believes in investing in its community—for both residents and businesses. 

Greenwood supports home-grown small businesses. 

Although Greenwood is powered by many corporate companies, our small business scene continues to grow and thrive. These local places maintain the nostalgic, old-town feel while staying true to Greenwood’s progressive promise. Here are a few of our favorites to frequent here in the city:

  1. Coffey Connection Graphics & Apparel: Grab some gear! This graphic printing business offers all things local design. The owner Michelle is so welcoming and will set you up to look just like the locals.
  2. Strange Brew Coffee: Time for a cup of Joe! Strange Brew is a local coffee shop staple that helps many locals start their day. They have fantastic service and offer a great place to commune with friends over a cup of coffee. (My fav is their Almond Joe!)
  3. Coffeehouse Five: This for-benefit coffee shop brings locals together for connection and conversation, with all profits going back to the community. (Try their breakfast sandwich while you’re there! I promise you’ll thank me later.)
  4. Green Ginger: Sushi lovers are welcome at this impressive local Japanese restaurant. They always offer excellent service and yummy food for when we’re craving sushi. 
  5. Greenwood Park Mall: This shopping mall has all the stores you love and more. And after a day of shopping, you can dine at restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory and Bar Louie.
  6. The Revery: This local restaurant offers an upscale dinner right in the heart of downtown Greenwood. Their high-quality food and drinks are perfect for a dinner date!
  7. Campbell’s Highland Grille: Ready for drinks and local camaraderie? This local bar and grill serves many Greenwood locals their favorite beverages. Be sure to visit when you can watch a local game on the TVs! 



  • Greenwood Community Schools
  • Center Grove Community School Corporation
  • Central Nine Career Center


  • Yokohama
  • Stone Creek Dining Company
  • Campbell’s Highland Grille


  • Greenwood Park Mall
  • The Outdoorsman Sport Shop
  • Take Root Country Store


  • Play Pocket Trail
  • Freedom Springs Aquatics Park
  • Greenwood Amphitheater


  • 20 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 30 Minute Drive 

Dog Parks

  • Norwest Park
  • Freedom Park
  • Westwood Park

Experience family fun and community events here in Greenwood.

Each month, Greenwood hosts a variety of local events for you to get out and involved in the community. There are holiday-themed events for the whole family and festivals that feature local businesses and creators. So, all year long, there’s always something fun to put on your calendar!

Just to name a few, one of the events you’ll want to pay special attention to is the Freedom Festival. This annual festival celebrates the Fourth of July a little early with live music, food, and games. They even have a full-on parade that always gets our neighbors out the door and over to the sprawling Craig Park. Best of all, this event offers a host of fun family moments for making memories with the kids!

You’ll also find lots of events on the city’s calendar designed just for the littles. One of the kid-approved favorites is Just Plane Fun, when local pilots come and teach the kids about planes! The kids love getting to touch a real aircraft and soar on a family-friendly plane ride!  

Is Greenwood a great place to live?

The simple answer is yes! As a recent transplant myself, trust me when I say you’re going to love it here! There are always a lot of questions that come up when you’re moving to a new city, but I hope this article has helped answer many of them for you. 

Greenwood truly is a city of pride and progress. Our community culture offers an open home to anyone interested in our city. And we always hold true to our values, creating a city you can be proud of! As you walk through the streets, you’ll see people who genuinely love where they live, and you can always expect a wave or a smile from the people you meet. While our amenities might bring you here, it’s our generous community that makes you plant your feet and start putting down roots. 

Let me leave you with just a few practical tips before your next big move:

  • Spend a weekend or two in the city before you move. This will give you a feel for the traffic commute and local eats!
  • If you’re religious, find a place to worship. This will give you a support network of people that know the lay of the land.
  • Be sure to join local groups and follow local news outlets before your move! Social media can help you transition and get connected in your new community.

If Greenwood seems right for you, then my family and I can’t wait to meet you! We’ll be the neighbors smiling and saying, “Come on over to our backyard bonfire!”

Cars gathered at The Suds Drive-in diner