Welcome to McCordsville, Indiana, a quiet home and a growing neighborhood.

Exterior of Daniel's Vineyard in McCordsville

When I first moved to McCordsville in elementary school, I was used to the noisy sirens-at-all-hours apartment life in Indianapolis. I vividly remember the first few nights in my new house in McCordsville, where I could clearly hear the crickets, owls, and silence that surrounded me. And I will always remember the first time I looked up into the night sky and saw all the stars. The magic still gets to me.

Back then, McCordsville was a much smaller town, with one stoplight and not many businesses. Subdivisions were few and far between. It was rare that cars would drive down our road, and when they did, we pretty much knew who they were.

Let’s just say that it didn’t stay that sleepy town for long. McCordsville has gone through an immense transformation since that day my family moved here about 25 years ago. Now, McCordsville is the third fastest-growing town in the state, as so many other families realize the benefits of living in this neighborhood.

McCordsville is a small-town Indianapolis suburb close to the city.

Located on the northwest side of Hancock County, McCordsville is within 15 minutes of major interstates, offering convenient access to nearby cities. With Fishers, Lawrence, Indianapolis, and Geist Reservoir right next door, McCordsville is able to stay connected to popular local destinations while still maintaining its small-town vibe. 

McCordsville was originally incorporated as a town in 1988 (only 33 years ago!), and it’s been growing larger and larger. Since 2000, the town’s population has grown 688%! My childhood home is no longer a one-stoplight town that you drive through on the way to bigger and better things. McCordsville has quickly grown into a thriving, robust community. Local businesses have moved in, and neighborhoods have filled with families eager to enter the community—with many more hoping to join in on the hype.

But it’s more than just hype! People are catching on to our way of life. McCordsville is a community of people who care about each other. It’s a location that’s ideal for raising a family. And it’s an excellent option for commuters who need the big-city business connections but long for the suburban, smaller-town life.

As a child, I started to grow accustomed to the quiet surrounding me each night. I got used to riding my bike to go visit my friend next door (since it was half mile away). And soon, I was more than just “used to” this new town. I was at home in McCordsville.

McCordsville schools offer an excellent education for your kids.

While McCordsville is home to diverse groups of people, it is perhaps best-suited for families! Our incredible school system and community spirit make this town appealing to anyone looking for a good place to raise their family. As an alumna of the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation, I can say with confidence that the school system is excellent, and I am happy to have the opportunity to send my own children there. 

With about 1,300 students, our high school is just the right size—not huge and overwhelming, yet not small or under-resourced. Of course, the technology has improved a great deal since I attended. The corporation has implemented 1:1 technology, giving every student and staff member a device solely for school use. School buildings and athletic facilities have been expanded to support the growth of the community. And our sports and extracurricular activities are plentiful, thriving, and competitive.

Because so many people here attended Mt. Vernon or currently have kids there, you can really feel the school spirit throughout the town. It’s not out of the ordinary for the community to send teams off to sectional or regional games with a parade and welcome them home after a big win. Whether your family is part of the team or not, it certainly feels like the whole neighborhood comes out to support our schools, and homecoming events always bring back alumni who want to see how the place has grown.

McCordsville hosts community events for the whole family.

While our schools spark many community events, McCordsville also offers other family-friendly events throughout the year. Town Hall Park hosts beloved traditions for just about every holiday—with a tree lighting at Christmas, a Trunk-or-Treat celebration at Halloween, and an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring. And the township fire station also opens up for fun events, allowing families to tour the fire trucks and participate in festival-type games.

During harvest season, I love going down to Tuttle Orchards, just five miles down the road from McCordsville. Tuttle Orchards is a family-owned and operated orchard that’s passionate about everything local—from local produce to local education. They really care about instilling the values of quality agriculture to future generations, so they partner with school systems across the region. The orchards often host school field trips for all ages, with lessons tailored to the age group. That way, the youngest of preschool students can enjoy learning about the food they eat, while high school groups learn about more complex agricultural topics. 

Even outside of education, Tuttle Orchards is a popular place to bring the family. Everyone loves picking apples from the trees and filling a wagon with pumpkins picked directly from the vine. Kids can also play on the huge farm-themed playground, while you grab some quality foods from the farm store or cafe. When it’s your turn to order, just say: “Apple cider slushie, please.” Trust me!


Fun Facts

McCordsville has an airport less than five miles away. The Indianapolis Regional Airport is in Greenfield, Indiana, and has hosted the Blue Angels several times.

McCordsville has its own water ski club! Champion Lake is a private subdivision that has been home to many champion water skiers.

The McCordsville Sports Park, now an outdoor recreational facility, used to be home to a dog racing track in the 1930s and sprint car racing in the 1970s.

Sisters at Tuttle's Orchard

Photo courtesy of Deann Simmons

Young girl holding a pumpkin at Tuttle's Orchard

Photo courtesy of Deann Simmons

In McCordsville, we know how to eat!

I don’t know about you, but I judge every destination by what it has to eat. I always want options, and luckily, McCordsville has options! Whether we’re grabbing some Chicago’s Pizza with the basketball team after a game or going on a date night at Kinsey’s Italian Cafe, we never grow tired of the restaurants around town. 

And don’t get me started on Los Agaves Grill! We were in complete shock when we realized our entire family could happily eat there any time and any day. With chips and queso and agave margaritas, you can’t go wrong. (Can we all agree that the to-go margarita is the best thing to come out of pandemic life?)

If you’re not in the mood for margaritas, why not some wine? (Or wine not?) Either way, you’re in luck because Daniel’s Vineyard is the place to quench your thirst. Whether you’re looking for a simple tasting or exclusive membership into their wine club, Daniel’s has you covered! This family-owned business was inspired by Tuscany, and the owners brought that international experience right here to McCordsville. And because their establishment is kid- and pet-friendly, there’s no excuse not to hang out and enjoy live music on the patio!

Another great spot is Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, a place for all beer lovers. You can stop in, try beers inspired by the Northwest, and watch horror films to tie in with their theme! If you’re not crazy about beer, you should still stop by because Scarlet Lane is connected to Trax BBQ, serving up Carolina-style barbecue. Don’t leave without trying a smoked sausage link! The beauty of their layout is that you can enjoy both businesses in one location—and bring your pets and kids with you!

McCordsville is built for an active lifestyle.

While I’m perfectly happy to stand in line for delicious yeast donuts from Tim’s Bakery, I also love planning a good weekend workout to burn off some of that sugar! Fortunately, McCordsville is home to the state-of-the-art Hancock Wellness Center, with two additional locations across Hancock County. 

A membership at the wellness center is one of the best investments for an active family. Whether you’re a lap swimmer, a pumper of iron, or an avid spin class attendee, you’ll find everything you need in this one place. The wellness center gives you access to all the resources you need to live a healthy lifestyle, including personal trainers, nutrition consultants, masseurs, and even rehabilitation services. Before you know it, you’ll be signing up for the annual McCordsville Path to Fitness 5K!

McCordsville also has outdoor areas equipped to fuel your active lifestyle. With over two miles of paved pathways, town residents can easily start enjoying the outdoors. For long-distance runners, the paths even link up to the trail network around Geist Reservoir. The reservoir is one of the most picturesque locations to run, so it can make the miles feel a little more bearable! The paths are also especially convenient for families living in the local subdivisions. Because of the paths and well-marked crossways, kids can safely travel from one neighborhood to another.

In the heart of McCordsville, the town also has a recreational park with basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground and a shelter. And several of the subdivisions have built-in pools and playgrounds available to their residents.

Live in a secluded suburb near Indianapolis.

Location really is everything. McCordsville truly is a great combination of small-town peace and quiet with proximity to the big-city bustle. I would never sign up to live in the middle of nowhere. (Can I get some Wi-fi please?) But at the same time, I’m happy my hometown doesn’t have a stoplight or roundabout at every intersection. 

While we have many amenities right here in McCordsville, it’s true that sometimes you may need to drive a short distance out of town for more options. But that’s the key—McCordsville is a short distance to other, bigger cities. Fishers, Lawrence, and even Indianapolis are all easily accessible with countless shopping, dining, and entertainment options. And once you’re done with your outing, you can retreat back to your quiet hometown. That’s what I call balance!

Even closer to our town is Fortville, another small town just four miles up the road. Fortville has also flourished over the last several years, and now they have a hopping Main Street. With shops lining the street, several delicious restaurants, and even late-night bars with local music, the location is a great spot for an entertaining evening out without needing to go to a bigger metropolis.

And, of course, the beautiful Geist Reservoir is also only four miles away. At Geist, the whole family can go boating, fishing, or water skiing right here in landlocked Indiana! Who would have thought?

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  • Geist Montessori Academy
  • McCordsville Elementary
  • Mt. Vernon High School


  • Kinsey’s Italian Cafe
  • Los Agaves Grill
  • The Grill


  • McCordsville Mercantile
  • Second Stories Antiques
  • Ideal Home Bargains


  • Daniel’s Vineyard
  • Tuttle Orchards
  • Geist Reservoir


  • 35 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 40 Minute Drive 

Dog Parks

  • Memorial Park Dog Park
  • Off the Leash Dog Park
  • Louis J. Jenn Memorial Park

McCordsville is still growing and the best is yet to come.

Our town has been growing bigger and better for years, but McCordsville isn’t done yet! There are currently several housing areas being built, including senior living apartments and a low-maintenance neighborhood. An updated fire station recently opened to serve our growing communities, and the town council has approved plans for a new town center area. This new downtown space would build new parks and retail centers for new business opportunities right in the heart of McCordsville.

And it’s not just McCordsville that’s planning for the future! All of the communities in Hancock County are working together to create the best home for their residents. The Hancock County Arts and Cultural Commission has plans to expand the arts scene across the county. And because of the increased traffic travelling in the area, the local towns have invested in studies to determine the best use for future developments in the county. 

So, even though the town’s already changed significantly since my childhood, McCordsville is far from complete. This place is no longer the sleepy town I used to know, but it’s still a great place to raise a family—and somewhere I’m grateful to call home.

Father and daughter walking to Hancock Wellness Center

Photo courtesy of Deann Simmons