Mooresville, Indiana, is a historic town with a rural feel.

Exterior Downtown Moorseville

If you love rural living but still want to be close to a big-city metro, then Mooresville is the best of both worlds! Mooresville is a cozy little town located about ten miles southwest of Indianapolis—the perfect combination of being away from the city without being in the middle of nowhere. Here, you can enjoy our peaceful, wide-open spaces and still commute to downtown Indianapolis in about 30 minutes. 

Mooresville may be a small town, but it’s packed to the brim with history. While you’re walking down main street, you can admire the many original historic buildings that have been around since the town was first built. Quite a few of those beautiful buildings were carefully restored to their former glory so that the history of our town will live on. 

I’ve lived in Mooresville for my entire life, and I owe so much of who I am today to this town and the many wonderful people I’ve met here. Everyone here is very family-oriented, creating a sense of community that helps the families in our town flourish. And now, I’m glad to give back to the community that helped raise me. 

Whether you’re starting a family or looking for a refreshing change of pace, Mooresville is a great spot to settle down and find your community. This place offers a lot of unique experiences and a charming character that’s hard to find anywhere other than a small town like ours. 

Mooresville comes together for fun community events.

Throughout the year, Mooresville hosts a bunch of events around town to celebrate our community spirit and history. There’s the local county fair, annual holiday celebrations, and even history reenactments!

Experience unique cultural and historic events.

One of Mooresville’s signature events is our huge Mardi Gras Block Party, where we partner with local restaurant Zydeco’s Cajun to bring New Orleans to Indiana. Zydeco’s serves authentic cajun food all year round. But when it’s time for Mardi Gras, everyone gets excited to taste their delicious King Cake! The celebration includes kid-friendly activities like face painting, live entertainment, and lots of fun masks and costumes.

If you’re a history buff, Mooresville is packed full of fun historical reenactments. Every year on the first weekend of December, local reenactors get together for the annual Victorian Christmas celebration. They all wear historically accurate outfits and act out different scenes in the town square, including a famous gun fight! As you watch, you can practically see the town transform before your eyes, imagining life back in the day.

Within the last couple years, Mooresville also started an annual summer concert series. These concerts invite the townspeople to town square to enjoy some live music, while local businesses set up small booths for people to browse and shop.

Mooresville has strong school spirit.

Here in Mooresville, we also love to cheer on our high school sports teams! The town really comes together to support our local students throughout the year.

And best of all, Mooresville High School is a highly rated school in Indiana. They’ve implemented many different programs to advance the students’ education and prepare them for life after graduation. The school offers preparatory classes and programs for both students planning for college and students interested in trade careers, helping them get a feel for the field before they graduate.


Fun Facts

Mooresville is the birthplace of Indiana’s state flag. Paul Hadley, the artist who created the winning design, was born and raised here.

Our town is especially proud of our students, and you can often find memorabilia from the local high school decorating the town. (Go Pioneers!)

Mooresville is a convenient, walkable town with many neighborhoods within a short walking distance from nearly everything.

Exterior of entrance to Zydeco's in Moorseville
Sign for Gray Brothers Cafeteria in Mooresville

Our rural parks are a nature lover’s paradise.

If you love exploring the outdoors, the Mooresville parks system offers great places to go hiking, play sports, or just have a pleasant picnic outside. Our largest community park is Pioneer Park, a 150-acre site that features seven picnic shelters and lots of paved trails for you to walk, jog, or bike through the woodland. There are even small creeks where people enjoy skipping rocks or wading through in the summer!

Throughout the year, many club sports play in Pioneer Park, making use of their robust sports facilities. With basketball courts, soccer fields, a sand volleyball court, and six baseball diamonds, Pioneer Park offers space for everyone to play. The park is also home to the Mooresville Family Aquatic Center, where your family can learn to swim and play in the pool.

Pioneer Park also has a wide variety of family-friendly programs to keep the kiddos occupied and active all year long. The park often hosts community events like the local county fair or the annual Halloween Hike through the woods. And during the summer, they offer camps so kids can make crafts, play games, and have fun in the sun. One popular attraction is the Soaring Eagle Zip Line Ride, which carries you across part of the park as if you’re flying through the air! 

And that’s just one of the parks here in Mooresville! The Bicentennial Park features a small amphitheater where people can enjoy outdoor concerts. Old Town Park has a log cabin made for local Boy Scouts to go camping. And the nearby Sodalis Nature Park offers over 200 acres of preserved woodland and hiking trails. Sodalis is also home to a 5.5-acre pond with a floating dock that’s an ideal spot for fishing.

Our neighbors are big supporters of small businesses.

Because our community is so close and tight-knit, we’re also really committed to supporting our local businesses! Mooresville has a wonderful variety of locally owned restaurants and shops that offer unique experiences and products that you can’t get anywhere else. When I’m looking for a day out on the town, I love walking down main street and checking out all the antique shops and boutiques. 

You can also dine in nationally recognized local restaurants like Zydeco’s and Gray Brothers Cafeteria. Gray Bros has been a family-owned staple of Mooresville since it first opened in 1944, serving hearty Midwestern food. And the town is always expanding, bringing new businesses to our community. 

Part of the reason people love living and working here is because Mooresville truly has that small hometown feel that so many people are searching for. Our community looks out for one another, and that definitely includes supporting our local businesses.

Recently, Mooresville was hit with a tornado that damaged several buildings in the downtown area, and some of the businesses are just now reopening. But people in our town have really come together to help support them! Seeing how everyone truly cares about the success of these businesses has been incredible. It’s quickly become one of my favorite examples of the family dynamic we have here in Mooresville.


  • Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation 
  • Mooresville Christian Academy
  • Brooklyn STEM Academy


  • Gray Brothers Cafeteria
  • Morgan’s Corner Cafe
  • Cabana Pancake House


  • Copper Lace
  • Tri County Sports Shop
  • Yellow Moon Antique Mall


  • Eagle Pines Golf Club
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Line Ride
  • Bicentennial Park and Amphitheater


  • 10 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 20 Minute Drive 

Dog Parks

  • Pioneer Park
  • Sodalis Nature Park

Are you thinking of moving to Mooresville?

The truth is that Mooresville really is a town where you can feel at home. Our community is truly committed to giving its residents the best, which means its constantly updating and growing while still maintaining its small-town sense of community. It always comes back to that community, giving you a place where you can grow and connect with the people around you.

With Indianapolis so close by, this little town gives refuge to those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city but prefer not to live in the middle of it all. My family often enjoys driving to downtown Indianapolis for a day exploring the city, but it’s so nice to be able to come back to Mooresville where we can relax and enjoy the quiet. 

I honestly can’t talk enough about how much living here makes me feel like I’m part of a community. The townspeople here in Mooresville are always ready to look out for their neighbors and jump in with help at a moment’s notice. This is very much a town that is welcoming to everyone, so if Mooresville sounds like the community for you, know that we can’t wait to meet you!

Couple walking through a covered bridge at Pioneer Park in Mooresville