Welcome to Plainfield, Indiana: a suburb town surrounded by an open, rural community.

Plainfield sign at sunset

Photo courtesy of the Town of Plainfield

If you’re looking for a place that balances country landscapes with city amenities, then Plainfield is the place for you! Plainfield is the largest town in Indiana with a community of over 35,000 residents. The town is located just southwest of Indianapolis, next to the Indianapolis International Airport. And over the years, Plainfield has become an important hub for business in Central Indiana. 

Our business-friendly community has built itself into a nationally recognized center for logistics, distribution, and e-commerce. Across the town, Plainfield has over 40 million square feet of industrial space, and we continue to maintain one of the lowest tax rates in the region! 

But Plainfield is so much more than just a “warehouse” community. Plainfield has excellent schools, extensive trails, and an aquatic center that includes Splash Island—a 4.3-acre outdoor water park.

As the Director of Communications and Marketing for Plainfield, it’s my job to tell our story and explain why we’re one the best communities in the Indianapolis region. However, it’s not just my job. I truly believe that Plainfield is one of the best places to live in Indiana. In fact, I’m excited to say that I’m currently building my forever home right here in town!

When I first took this job several years ago, I didn’t know much about Plainfield. But one of the things I quickly learned to love was the hospitality of my neighbors. Everyone was friendly, whether I encountered them on the trails, met them at the recreation center, or saw them at the many free events around town. I’ve also learned that Plainfield is still growing in many ways, and I’m thrilled to be part of such growth!

Plainfield is a town with a rich history.

Many people ask why Plainfield has stayed a town instead of becoming a city. But in Plainfield, we pride ourselves on our town status because it allows for consistent leadership and planning. Now, Plainfield is one of the biggest towns in Indiana, but it hasn’t always been this way. 

The area now known as Guilford Township was once an unbroken stretch of wilderness along White Lick Creek. Delaware Indians occupied the land until white settlers began to arrive after the 1818 Treaty of St. Mary’s. Over time, the town of Plainfield grew and came about in this way:

  • In 1822, Jeremiah Hadley of Preble County, Ohio, obtained a tract of land including the area now known as Plainfield. Ten years later, he sold it to his son, Elias Hadley. 
  • Elias Hadley and Levi Jessup planned and laid out the town in 1839. 
  • That same year, Plainfield first became incorporated as a town. But the charter was given up because of the town’s unsuccessful attempts at government. Township trustees at the time felt that township rule was preferable. 
  • On June 25, 1904, Plainfield was incorporated as a town for the second time. But this time, the incorporation stuck.

Becoming an official town was a major achievement for Plainfield, but our town continued to grow and prosper. As Plainfield became rich in soil, our population grew, and the town developed a booming agriculture scene. The town eventually became known for its corn, wheat, oats, and soybeans as local farmers traveled to sell their products. And that commerce helped Plainfield become the business center it is today.


Fun Facts

Plainfield is the biggest town in the State of Indiana.

In the 1840s, President Martin Van Buren was deliberately spilled from his stagecoach into the mud at Plainfield’s National Highway. The elm tree that made his carriage topple eventually became known as the Van Buren Elm.

Plainfield has over 35 miles of trails for you to explore.

Exterior - Plainfield Farmers Market

Photo courtesy of the Town of Plainfield

White Lick Creek Trail sign with runners out of focus in the background
Photo courtesy of the Town of Plainfield

Plainfield is a community of values.

One thing to expect while living in Plainfield is our town values. At the core of our community is a unified value system that represents what our people believe is most important. That includes values like justice, kindness, integrity, and many others. But the focus of our value system has always been family. When family and values are strong in our community, then our people benefit from our positive, welcoming culture! 

Our Community of Values Program first began in 1991, when the school superintendent organized the initiative. He and a group of community leaders surveyed the town to identify their most important values. And then they promoted the top 12 values throughout the community, from classrooms to churches. Each month has its own value, and you’ll often see the Value of the Month around town. This program also led to the beginning of the Community Organizations Group, which brings together representatives from various local organizations. Together, they’ve accomplished many major projects to improve our community.  

Our town also hosts a wide array of community events. These events are our way of keeping Plainfield’s small-town feel despite our growing population. Annually, the town hosts seasonal events at the Richard A. Carlucci Recreation & Aquatic Center to celebrate the holidays. And the town recently organized the first ever Plainfield International Festival! The festival invites people to come together and celebrate the diverse cultures in our community with food, dance, and art. The International Festival is still fairly new, but it’s already becoming a beloved town tradition. 

Raise your family in a community with quality schools.

From kindergarten to graduation, Plainfield is a town that cares about giving its residents a quality education. The Plainfield Community School Corporation (PCSC) is home to nearly 5,600 K-12 students and more than 600 dedicated employees. 

Our district consistently ranks among the best in the state and has earned multiple Four Star School awards. Recently, Van Buren Elementary School was also recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Distinction. And with four elementary schools feeding into one middle and one high school, our students have many opportunities to explore a wide array of curricular and extracurricular activities.

For residents who’ve already graduated, the Plainfield Town Council has also approved the construction of a new center for higher education. The MADE@Plainfield Higher Education Center will be a collaboration between Ivy Tech, Vincennes University, WorkOne, Hendricks College Network, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

This higher education center allows students of all ages to enroll in courses and advance their careers. The center will offer courses in medical assisting, information technology, accounting and business, industrial maintenance, robotics, and more! The MADE@Plainfield Center is set to open this fall for the 2021-2022 academic year. So, if you’re in the area, I’d definitely suggest looking into their programs. There’s always room to grow and learn, and that’s the best part about life!

Explore fun things to do in Plainfield.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a true foodie, Plainfield has plenty of things to do and places to explore. Inside of town, Plainfield has lots of scenic parks and a winding trail network, connecting you with nature. The majority of our parks are all along the White Lick Creek and are linked together by a corresponding trail. So, you can easily spend the day walking from greenspace to greenspace! 

In the same area, you can also stop by the Al & Jan Barker Sports Complex for local baseball, football, and soccer games. And just a short drive away, you can explore the 210-acre Sodalis Nature Park. Sodalis even has a pond that’s perfect for going fishing!

If you want to soak up the summertime sun, then there’s no better place than the Splash Island Waterpark. Splash Island is part of the local Plainfield Recreation & Aquatic Center with both indoor and outdoor activities. During the summer, families and friends come to enjoy water slides, float on the lazy river, and swim in a six-lane competition pool. And at the indoor aquatic center, they offer swimming lessons, aerobic classes, and space for birthday parties all year long.

For me, I’m a total foodie at heart, and I highly recommend getting a taste of Plainfield! One of my favorite restaurants here is the Oasis Diner. The Oasis is an authentic 1954 diner located on Plainfield’s Historic National Road. Their outstanding menu serves loaded biscuits and gravy, tasty burgers, mouth-watering desserts, and more. But the Oasis is just the beginning! Our local restaurants also offer a wide range of cuisines like Mexican, Italian, and Indian food right here in our backyard.  

Plainfield is committed to preserving our history.

Over the years, Plainfield has invested in many projects to preserve the character of some of our most notable buildings. Recently, the town acquired the Prewitt Theatre on Main Street and partnered with a private developer to preserve the building. Once the restoration is complete, they plan to reopen the theatre as a restaurant and entertainment venue. 

The town also partnered with the Oasis Diner to relocate it to its new home in the center of town. This project was a direct effort to save this historic and iconic local restaurant. Now, the diner is hugely successful and prominently located on US 40. This project truly shows how Plainfield honors our history while supporting the small businesses that make our town vibrant. 

Another preservation project involved transforming a historic iron bridge into a trail crossing over White Lick Creek at Friendship Gardens. And the town also restored the old Interurban Depot Train Station on Vine Street. 

Originally built in 1906, the depot was eventually purchased by the American Legion after the interurban stopped running. Then, after ownership transferred to the town, the building was restored and dedicated to community use in 2003. Now, the depot is managed by the Parks Department, offering programs and private rentals for meetings, family gatherings, and events.

These projects demonstrate how Plainfield gives careful consideration to our town, always doing the ‘right project for the right reasons.’ Many of our residents value Plainfield’s unique character, and the Town Council celebrates that history through their ongoing preservation efforts. In fact, it’s that dedication and small-town feel that makes Plainfield feel like home!


  • Plainfield Community School Corporation
  • Islamic School of Plainfield
  • Plainfield Christian School


  • Oasis Diner
  • Nonna’s by So Italian
  • Narita


  • The Shops at Perry Crossing
  • Sweet M’s Boutique
  • Younique Culture


  • Splash Island Water Park
  • Sodalis Nature Park
  • Plainfield Farmers Market


    • 10 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
    • 15 Minute Drive 

    Dog Parks

    • Plainfield Bark Park
    • Hummel Park
    • Franklin Park

    Plainfield is a growing town that looks towards the future. 

    While preservation is all about our town’s history, Plainfield still remains focused on the future! Every town project and initiative considers how to best serve the community and foster its success in the coming years. 

    Most recently, the town approved the construction of a new Performing and Fine Arts Center in the heart of downtown. This new arts center will include a 600-seat auditorium that’s expected to attract both local and touring performers. Personally, I’m excited that I’ll be just minutes away from a brand-new arts and entertainment venue! But more than that, I’m eager to see all the new restaurants, shopping locations, and career opportunities that my family can enjoy here in Plainfield. 

    And of course, all of these places and amenities are just 20 minutes west of Indianapolis! Many local residents enjoy the rural environment around Plainfield and simply commute to downtown Indianapolis for work. So, whatever suits your lifestyle, you can truly have the best of both worlds in our community! 

    Colorful dancers on an outdoor stage at the Plainfield International Festival
    Photo courtesy of the Town of Plainfield