Whitestown is Indiana’s fastest-growing community for a reason.

Aerial shot of a neighborhood in Whitestown Indiana

Photo courtesy of The Town of Whitestown

I vividly remember the day we chose to make Whitestown our new home. At the time, I was pregnant with our first child, and my husband and I had visited neighborhood after neighborhood, searching for the perfect location for our growing family. We had no luck finding the right fit—until our realtor said: “Let’s check out a neighborhood in Whitestown you might like.” It’d already been a long day, but we reluctantly agreed.

On our way into town, we drove past flowing cornfields and grazing horses. I spotted the towering silo that’s the centerpiece of the Walker Farms neighborhood, and I was instantly hooked. We signed the contract to build that day, and Whitestown has been our home ever since.  

Nestled between Zionsville and Lebanon, Whitestown has been the fastest-growing community in Indiana for 10 years running. We’re located in the heart of Boone County, a highly desirable community just northwest of Marion County and a short 25-minute drive from downtown Indianapolis. Our town is also within 30 minutes of the Indianapolis International Airport—consistently voted the Best Airport in North America.

But Whitestown is the fastest-growing community in Indiana for a reason! As much as we love going downtown for a night out, there’s lots to love right here in Whitestown. We have abundant housing, excellent schools, a multitude of amenities, and strong agricultural roots that make our town appealing to all walks of life. 

Don’t let the name fool you! Whitestown is a welcoming place for everyone.

Seriously, I get it. Whitestown isn’t the most welcoming name. But in a strange twist, Whitestown was actually named for Albert S. White—an Indiana Senator and one of the most vocal supporters for the abolition of slavery! That spirit still lives on today, as we welcome more and more people to our small-town community. 

In my neighborhood alone, you’ll find a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, socio-economic levels, and people of all ages. In fact, as Whitestown has grown, one of the things I’ve noticed most is the increased diversity I see in our neighborhoods and our school systems. The town council even unanimously approved a resolution in 2015 to promote diversity and inclusion, making Whitestown one of the first communities in the state to do so. 

Whitestown also offers a diverse selection of housing options perfect for every stage of life. Like many Indiana communities, our town is experiencing a major housing boom, creating more opportunities for incoming families. But what I love most about Whitestown is that we also have stylish apartments, cozy townhomes, and friendly retirement and assisted living communities. 

This makes our town a more diverse, multi-generational community where everyone can feel at home. My kids have had an amazing opportunity to live across the street from their grandparents, ever since they downsized to a townhome in our neighborhood! 


Fun Facts

Whitestown was founded in 1851 and named after Albert S. White—a U.S. Senator from Indiana and a prominent abolitionist.

Our town is home to the Little League Central Region Headquarters and Complex. Every year, we host families from all across the country, leading up to the Little League World Series!

Trail’s End Boy Scout Popcorn is actually manufactured at Weaver Popcorn in Whitestown!

Shopping strip mall in Whitestown

Photo courtesy of The Town of Whitestown

Mural of a train in honor of the Whitestown establishment

Photo courtesy of The Town of Whitestown

Whitestown offers both private and public school options.

Depending on which township you live in, Whitestown is split between two public school systems: Lebanon and Zionsville. Each school system has its own unique strengths, but both are highly rated with exceptional student achievement. In fact, Zionsville Community Schools consistently ranks among the top schools in the state—with a reputation for good teachers and one of the best high school STEM programs. 

Whitestown also has two private schools, as well as many early childcare options and an autism therapy center.  Traders Point Christian Schools offers a faith-driven education for students pre-kindergarten through high school. Meanwhile, Boone Prairie School combines a Christian education with interactive learning in a unique, three-day hybrid model. 

My kids attend Lebanon Schools, and our experience has been absolutely wonderful! At the time of writing this, I recently attended a Veterans Day Ceremony at Perry-Worth Elementary School. The kids all eagerly participated, and it was heartwarming to see the kind of support our schools give to our veteran community. 

Our family also loves the variety of extracurricular programs available at our schools. When I was growing up, I only had a few sports to choose from. But my boys have a plethora of options—from golf to swimming to tennis! The schools also encourage students to participate in career development and enrichment programs to help prepare them for the future.  We are proud to be Lebanon Tigers!

Whitestown has lots of family-friendly events, activities, and things to do.

Have you ever seen a polo match before? Well, you can in Whitestown! The Hickory Hall Polo Club hosts matches every Friday night during the summer, and it makes for a truly unique experience. Imagine a football tailgate—but for polo! Their public matches are always family-friendly, and my kids’ favorite part is the flyover candy drop at halftime. Best of all, the proceeds from each match go toward local charities in the community!

If polo isn’t your speed, the Town of Whitestown also hosts a variety of fun community events throughout the year. My favorite is Independence Day, when our community comes together for music, food, and games on the Fourth of July. Local residents fill the lawns at our local churches and celebrate the holiday with the best fireworks show in Central Indiana. (Seriously, it’s the best!)

We also have an annual Brewfest, an Easter Egg Hunt, a Trick-or-Treat Trail, summer concerts, weekly Farmers Markets, and more. Whitestown is even opening its own public library branch, which is an exciting addition for our community! This branch will create new opportunities for local residents to read more, connect with one another, and enjoy community activities—from book clubs to maker studios.  


  • Zionsville Community Schools
  • Lebanon Community School Corporation
  • Traders Point Christian Schools


  • L.A. Café
  • Moontown Brewing Company
  • Fundae’s Ice Cream & Sweets


  • The Shoppes at Whitestown
  • eBoom Electric Bikes
  • Whitestown Corner Market


  • Eagle Creek Park
  • Big 4 Trail
  • Hickory Hall Polo Club


  • 25 Miles from Indianapolis Airport
  • 30 Minutes Drive 

Dog Parks

  • Main Street Park
  • Heritage Trail Park
  • Zionsville Bark Park

There are plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities in our backyard.

Whitestown is a beautiful place to head out and explore the great outdoors. In fact, our town maintains more than 12 miles of trails—two times more miles-per-resident than most communities! We also have over 50 acres of public park space, which include playgrounds, splash pads, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, corn hole, and picnic shelters. 

My boys are old enough to ride their bikes by themselves, and they love meeting up with friends at our local parks. In the summer, they often get together for a game of basketball and then spend the evenings watching a film in the park during community movie nights. 

If you’re looking for a true nature park, Whitestown is only a short drive away from Eagle Creek Park—one of the largest city parks in the country! Eagle Creek has more than 3,900 acres of natural forests with another 1,300 acres of water that’s perfect for sailing and fishing. 

My family also loves visiting the Big 4 Trail, which is just a quick stroll from our house. This mixed-use trail runs through downtown Whitestown, and it’s a great opportunity to experience nature while exploring the neighborhood. One of my family’s favorite things to do is riding our bikes along the Big 4 Trail, stopping to chat with our neighbors along the way. And when it’s finally complete, the Big 4 Trail will connect Whitestown with surrounding cities like Zionsville, Lebanon, and even Lafayette!

Public safety is an important part of our community.

As the wife of a service member, safety is especially important to me! My husband is often gone for long periods of time, and I want our home to feel like a safe place—with or without his presence. That’s why one of the things I love most about Whitestown is how involved public safety officers are in the community! 

It’s not unusual to be out in the neighborhood and see a police officer driving by just to check on things, which I find comforting. I remember one time my son was riding his bike, and one of our local police officers stopped and handed him a sticker for wearing his helmet. He still talks about it to this day! 

In the summer, Whitestown hosts fun “Bike with a Cop” Saturdays, where kids can bike with a police officer through their neighborhood. Then, around Christmas time, our police and fire departments partner together for the annual Santa Parade. They set up a GPS to follow Santa’s progress through town, and my kids always watch, anxiously waiting for Santa—sitting high on a decorated fire truck—to come by the house! 

Another thing that’s unique to Whitestown is that all our officers are cross-trained, so they can serve as both police and firefighters depending on the community’s needs. This helps ensure that our public safety officers are prepared for every emergency and always ready to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Kids playing in a park in Whitestown Indiana

Photo courtesy of The Town of Whitestown

Whitestown may be a railroad town, but it’s far from sleepy!

I actually grew up in a small railroad town in Ohio—not too different from Whitestown. Like many rail towns in the United States, my once-booming hometown lost much of its luster after the railroad stopped operating. But over a century later, Whitestown is still a thriving, charming place to live. 

Downtown Whitestown (or “Legacy Core” as we like to call it) offers a variety of local restaurants, shops, and small businesses to enjoy. My family loves eating at the L.A. Café right off Main Street, where they have a lovely patio space and a shrimp cocktail to rival St. Elmo’s. Some nights, we’ll head over to Moontown Brewing Company and listen to live music while eating appetizers inside the old Whitestown High School gymnasium. 

There’s also a local convenience store for grabbing a quick gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, or just about any type of beer you could imagine. And if they don’t have something in stock, the store owner will make sure it’s there the next time you visit! 

When I first moved here in 2010, the area around Whitestown Parkway was still mostly undeveloped. But now, there’s an outdoor shopping center, a huge grocery store, plenty of restaurants, and the friendliest team at a Starbucks you’ll ever meet! Whitestown also has its own emergency room and urgent care, which was handy when my four-year-old stuck an eraser up his nose!

Point is: there’s really no need to drive further than just a few miles to get all the things you need! Our town may be small, but we’re a close-knit community where everyone can find their place. When we chose to live in Whitestown, we planned to stay only a few years. Now, 12 years later, we can’t imagine living anywhere else!