Moving to Indianapolis: Maybe the Grass is Greener in Central Indiana

People walking around Monument Circle

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As a happy Colorado native, I loved everything about my state—until I didn’t. My family has lived in Colorado for five generations, so leaving permanently was a big decision for us. We’ve occasionally moved away before, but we always left with the intention of eventually coming back home. This time, we’d be leaving for good. 

Things in Colorado had really changed over the last few years, especially when COVID hit and shut down the state. It just didn’t feel like the same state I grew up in. The people were no longer as friendly. The crime was getting too frequent, and the cost of living was so high that we couldn’t comfortably live on my salary. 

Not to mention, the Colorado government wasn’t very supportive of small businesses. As the owner of several, I was disappointed in the lack of support from my home state. Colorado was becoming a place where people just go on vacation, and I didn’t want my children raised there anymore. 

Point is: I knew we needed a change. So, when a friend of mine mentioned moving to Indiana, I said, “Why not?” Little did I know how much that choice would change our lives for the better!

Downtown Indy is one of the best cities in the nation.

My family and I have lived in many different states from coast to coast, but I can honestly say that Indiana is my favorite thus far! In my opinion, Indianapolis is the perfect American city. 

Downtown Indianapolis offers a bustling, city environment without feeling too overwhelming. There’s only really traffic during rush hour, and it’s easy to drive just about anywhere in the Indy region within 30 minutes. 

It only takes 20 minutes to get from downtown to the Indianapolis International Airport, which gives you access to an entire world of travel opportunities. If you’re not interested in flying, Indiana’s also within driving distance of Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, and other major destinations. But you don’t have to travel to find fun things to do!

There’s always something going on around Indianapolis, and we’ve found so many awesome restaurants, museums, sporting events, and more. You can shop at Circle City Mall or take your kids to the Indianapolis Zoo. During sports season, you can catch a game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse or Lucas Oil Stadium. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the best in the country. And if you want to find an interesting place to eat, you can grab a sandwich at Shapiro’s Delicatessen, eat some tacos at Livery, or try a spicy Cajun dish at Yatz! 

When it comes to city life, your experience is always what you make it, but it’s not difficult to make great memories when Indianapolis has so much to offer. With so many options, I never feel like I’m lacking anything. That’s why we’re making Indianapolis our forever home!

Sign above the Indianapolis Cultural Trail
Exterior of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

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Indianapolis offers an exceptional education right in the heart of downtown.

One of the reasons I love Indianapolis is that you can start a family, build your career, and get an education—all in the same city. Many places force you to pick and choose between your goals, but Indy lets you pursue them all without compromise. 

I’ve been so impressed with Indiana University and all the degree programs available right in the middle of downtown Indianapolis. The main IU campus is in Bloomington, but IUPUI has more than 550 degree programs available at their downtown campus. Not to mention how affordable it is!

I wasn’t thinking about law school when I first moved here. But after one meeting, I already started working on my application to the IU McKinney School of Law. As a paralegal, it’s been hard to apply for law schools. Other schools have told me “paralegals don’t make good lawyers” and that “law school isn’t for paralegals.”

But I didn’t feel that way at all during the informational session at IUPUI. They were so welcoming and supportive, encouraging me to attend their program. In fact, IU McKinney will be the only law school I apply to because they welcomed me with open arms! 

The school systems in Indiana support your child’s unique needs.

Another thing that impressed me about Indiana is the structure of the school systems. Dyslexia runs in my family, and our district does a wonderful job of testing and supporting students with learning disabilities. My family has never had a school offer this level of assistance and support for people with our needs. 

As every parent knows, school is hugely important because it sets your children up for life. A good education is the difference between a lifetime of learning or a lifelong hatred of school. I feel like our school district is the perfect balance of support, structure, and safety that will help my children continue to blossom. 

Of course, every school district is unique, but Indiana maintains a high quality standard throughout the state. I am so thankful that my kids are able to utilize these resources to help them, and I hope more children can experience the same opportunities as other states follow our example. 

Indy is a great place to start a business.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve found that Indiana is the ideal place to start a business for so many reasons. The people are so welcoming and nice, and they’re always willing to chat. The support has been like nothing I could have imagined. 

The local Chamber of Commerce has been especially supportive and willing to help my business any way they can. They have connected me with other professionals who can guide me and help advance my company. They’ve also encouraged me to pursue all of my interests, including becoming an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce! Starting a business is hard, so I want to support my fellow entrepreneurs and help engage with them about their business. 

Indiana also has an affordable cost of living, which makes it easier to manage the uncertainties that entrepreneurship brings. Our community really takes care of their own, and I love that. It’s all about how we can help each other, and that’s what really matters to me. Small businesses truly are the backbone of America, and Indiana cares about supporting small businesses, connecting you with people, and helping you grow your brand. 

I would encourage any entrepreneur to look into moving to Indiana. This has been the greatest move of my life, and I’m so thankful for my friend’s suggestion. In the past, I’ve done business in states like New York and California. The amount of competition there is unbelievable, and it makes doing business almost impossible. Indiana has the perfect balance of competition and demand to help me build a stable, successful business. 

Indiana’s landscape is perfect for people who love the outdoors.

On an aesthetic note, Indiana has a lush green landscape that’s a gardener’s dream come true! Before I moved to Indiana, I wasn’t fortunate enough to live in a place with this much rain. Indiana has some of the most amazing rain storms I’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for all the vibrant plants. 

The flowers that naturally grow here are ones I’ve only seen in magazines or botanical gardens, but they grow in the wild here! Beautiful jasmine trees line the paths that wind through the local parks, and it looks just like a Disney movie. 

Indiana actually has over 4,200 miles of trails throughout the state, and there’s always a creek or lake to explore nearby. Some popular trails include the White River Trail, the Monon Trail, and the Cultural Trail through downtown. 

My children—ages 6, 10, and 12—absolutely love it here. Our family is really outdoorsy, and we love to wander around and explore the area. We’ve gone to a new park every weekend for the last six months. Our huskies love the water and going for walks on all the paths, and we regularly walk through our neighborhood while my kids ride their bikes and skateboards. It’s great because I can feel safe letting my children play in the front yard—which is new for them!  

Boat sailing at Eagle Creek Park

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Living in Indiana has helped me create the life I always imagined.

I love sitting on the porch with my children while we wait for the school bus to stop at our corner. I love seeing the beautiful architecture of downtown’s historic buildings. The older homes in the area are so pristine and absolutely unbelievable. I’m also really looking forward to fall and seeing the leaves change color. I’ve been told that Indiana’s autumn scenery is some of the best in the country, and I can’t wait to see it!

All in all, I feel like Indiana has the perfect blend of busy city life and tranquil suburban living, making it the ideal place to live. There’s plenty of entertainment, lots of interesting restaurants, and great shopping opportunities. I live near a bunch of different malls, but we’re also near national parks that are so much fun to explore! 

Indianapolis truly is the best kept secret in the United States. Indiana is only a short drive away from other major cities and destinations, but Indianapolis doesn’t feel like anywhere else in the world. Everything you could ever want is right here, and it’s attainable, affordable, and doable.

So, if you’re looking for a new home, Indiana is the place to go. Indy’s welcoming, well-manicured, and just a really pretty place. I am in love with Indianapolis and Indiana!