5 Indoor Places to Play in Hendricks County

Kid's Planet in Brownsburg Indiana

Photo of Kid’s Planet courtesy of Julia Huckaba

One thing I’ve learned since moving to Indiana is that playtime looks very different during the winter months. Sure, we can still bundle up the kids and enjoy the outdoors. But as the weather dips below freezing, our family tends to shift to indoor entertainment! 

Once my husband and I started having kids, we realized how important it is to have kid-friendly activities and places to play during the winter. When we lived downtown, we usually brought our kids to the Indianapolis Public Library. They always have amazing programming for all ages, and we especially loved the baby and toddler story times! 

Then, we moved to Hendricks County in March of 2020—a week before the pandemic shut everything down. My go-to indoor activities weren’t an option, so our two toddlers spent a lot of time at the park those first few months. But as things opened back up, we slowly discovered new places and unique things to do, just in time for our first winter in Hendricks County!  

Now, three years and another kid later, we know all the best spots to explore with young kids. Check out our family’s favorite indoor places to play in Hendricks County!

1. Kid’s Planet

Kid’s Planet is a family recreation center in Brownsburg with a huge multi-level playground and a kid-friendly arcade. Their indoor playground has everything from jungle gyms and ball pits to trampolines and slides—just waiting for your kid to explore! 

Everything at Kid’s Planet is designed for children under the age of 14, giving kids a safe place to make friends and stay active. They also recently remodeled to expand their toddler area, which is great for our little ones.

We only discovered Kid’s Planet last year, but it’s already a family favorite. We went for the first time at the start of the school year, and the kids keep asking to go back! For now, we’ve managed to stay in the climbing area, but our 6-year-old keeps asking to play the arcade games. So, that will be in our future explorations!

Sensory bin at Brightly Art Studio

Photo of Brightly courtesy of Julia Huckaba

The Well Indoor Play Place in Brownsburg

Photo of The Well courtesy of Julia Huckaba

2. Brightly Art Studio

Brightly Art Studio gives kids and adults a space to make art and have fun! We actually found Brightly during the pandemic, when places were being creative with how they hosted events. Back then, they offered outdoor art classes—and our kids loved it.

Now, Brightly Art Studio is back indoors with plenty of classes, clubs, and camps to choose from. They really encourage kids to enjoy the process of creating, giving them the freedom to express themselves through a variety of Make & Take art classes. 

All of their events are amazing, but I highly recommend their Preschool Playgroups. During these classes, young kids can travel between different stations centered around art-making and sensory play. They’re fun and interactive, perfect for social kids, and themed around different ideas each week. 

Our oldest is obsessed with arts and crafts, and she will spend hours making everything from crayon drawings to a cardboard suit of armor. So, Brightly is perfect for her! Our kids have so much fun creating in the studio, and it’s a huge bonus that I don’t have to come up with the ideas, supplies, or space. Brightly takes care of all that—and even cleans up the mess afterward! It’s a win for everyone!

3. The Well Community Church

There are a few churches in Hendricks County that offer indoor places for kids to play, and The Well Community Church in Brownsburg is one of the best! The Well has a large indoor climbing area, as well as an open space for the kids to run around and play. 

Their playspace is geared more towards children five years old and under, so it’s perfect for young kids like ours. We love to bring the kids and meet up with other families for play dates, game nights, and more. The Well even has tables and couches set up for the adults to sit and socialize, while the kids enjoy the toys around the space. 

The Well is only open to the public a few days a week, but it’s FREE! And it’s a great place to stop in and keep the kids active during the colder months. If you need an event space, you can also rent the room for birthday parties, family reunions, or any gathering with busy toddlers to entertain.

Matching tie dye shirts from The Tie Dye Lab

Photo of Tie Dye Lab courtesy of Julia Huckaba

Tie-dyed hat from The Tie Dye Lab

Photo of Tie Dye Lab courtesy of Julia Huckaba

4. The Tie Dye Lab

I’ve always loved tie dye! When I was a middle school teacher, our students would do tie dye before camps or school breaks. Our family makes tie dye t-shirts to commemorate each family vacation, and tie dying is a great birthday party activity. But no one likes the cleanup that comes with fabric dyes. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that at the Tie Dye Lab! This hands-on, do-it-yourself studio provides everything you need for tie dying, including shirts, tote bags, beach towels, and more.  

After you pick your item, the staff can help you decide which colors will create the tie dye effect you want. You can look at examples, learn tie dying techniques, and even apply screen-printed logos to create your own school spirit wear. Once you’re done adding color to your canvas, they’ll help set the dye and show you how to rinse the item when you get home. The whole process is quick, easy, and fun!

I took our oldest daughter and a few of her friends to the Tie Dye Lab for a small birthday party over the summer. All of the kids loved it, and the parents were happy too, since they didn’t have to deal with the setup or the cleanup!

Another bonus is that Tie Dye Lab is in the same plaza as the Avon Pizza King, where they deliver your drinks on a train! With both locations so close, you can easily host a special celebration and make a whole day of it.

The Turf at The Center at Northview Church

5. The Center at Northview Church in Danville 

Northview Church has many locations across the region, but you’ll only find The Center in Danville! This vibrant community space just opened up this year, and it’s quickly become my favorite place to bring the kids.  

The Center is a little bit further from our house, but their hours make it well worth the drive. They’re open seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM on most days—and it’s FREE!  

I almost feel like I shouldn’t share this hidden gem, it’s so good! They have a turf field, a walking track, a climbing structure, and even a coffee shop for the adults to enjoy. 

Fields Coffee is located inside of The Center, so parents (and kids!) can easily take a break and grab a snack throughout the day. They also have plenty of cafe seating if you rather relax while your kids run around and play.

Their indoor climbing area is probably the best spot for younger kids, but the turf offers a great space for older kids to play soccer or football. And for all the walkers out there, you can easily stroll on the track and get your steps in while keeping an eye on the field. 

I often take our youngest two kids down to The Center, and it’s always a fun time. I can grab a coffee, sit and chat with a friend, or just enjoy a quiet moment as the kids play. The Center has also started hosting seasonal events like Wreaths and Coffee, where you can build a wreath while sipping your Fields coffee of choice. I’m excited to see what other events they host in the future! 

Hendricks County is a wonderful place to raise a family.

Our family has lived in Hendricks County for a few years now, and we’ve never looked back! We loved our time in Indianapolis, but Hendricks County is really the ideal place for young kids—with the perfect balance of good schools, beautiful parks, and fun activities both indoors and out. 

Hendricks County also has lots of families like ours, which is perfect for making friends. Our kids get to have fun with other children their age, while we get to spend time with other moms and dads who love living in our community!

Since we moved here, our family has had so much fun discovering the unique destinations, hidden gems, and fun things to do throughout the county. It feels like every day I find something new for us to try—and I’ve barely scratched the surface! As our kids grow older, I can’t wait to find more places to explore and make memories together as a family.