Indianapolis is staying active with Circle City Athletics.

Players running after the ball in a CCA soccer game

Indianapolis is a sports town unlike any other! Our city is home to world-class venues like Lucas Oil Stadium, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We’ve got nationally ranked teams like the Pacers, the Colts, and the Fever—and every May, the Indianapolis 500 proves that we’re the Racing Capital of the World!

With so many sports thriving in Indiana, it’s no surprise that Hoosiers love playing sports as much as watching them! Our kids grow up in little league baseball teams, youth soccer leagues, and backyard basketball tournaments. Some of us are even lucky enough to compete on collegiate or professional teams.

But no matter how long you play, every sports career must end. So, what do you do when it’s time to hang up your jersey? How can you keep playing your favorite sport, while juggling everyday life?

Circle City Athletics—better known as CCA Sports—is the answer to that question. CCA is currently the largest recreational sports operation for adults in the Indianapolis area. This organization provides over 20 different intramural leagues where Hoosiers can socialize and have fun, while keeping their competitive edge alive!

My CCA journey started with kickball.

My friends and I joined CCA Sports in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our friend’s fitness instructor was looking for more players to join her kickball league, and we were all retired athletes interested in a new way to compete.

At the time, I wasn’t really looking for an outlet like Circle City Athletics, but CCA found us when we needed it most. 

We needed something to take our minds off the stressful times, and CCA gave us a new source of happiness. During our games, the only thing we had to focus on was kicking the ball as far as we could. For that hour, the chaos of the world didn’t matter. It was all about having fun and being kids again! 

Outside of the competition aspect, we also met amazing individuals along the way. Only five of my friends joined the league, so the majority of our teammates were complete strangers. We were a diverse group with different ages, backgrounds, identities, and personalities—and we probably never would have crossed paths if it weren’t for CCA. I’m forever grateful for my teammates I met and the impact they left on me!

After that first kickball league, my friends and I found more opportunities with CCA. Some of us now participate in the sand volleyball league, while others joined the basketball league. From soccer and football to rock climbing and cornhole, CCA Sports has something for everyone, opening new doors with hours of entertainment. 

Team of CCA athletes posing

Photo courtesy of Linny Rousseau

Team of CCA athletes posing

Photo courtesy of Linny Rousseau

CCA Sports helps people connect with their community.

Circle City Athletics is an organization that serves all. They design their events for adults of all ages and skill levels, and that recipe has led to their success. Since opening in 1994, CCA Sports has impacted over 25,000 individuals through their sports leagues and social events.

Back then, they started with just a single flag football team, but the organization has rapidly skyrocketed to new heights. Now, they host a variety of leagues throughout the year, where athletes can compete in activities like tennis, bowling, dodgeball, and even euchre!

CCA Sports also gives Hoosiers a healthy outlet for a better social life. As a recent college graduate, I don’t have the words to explain how much CCA has helped me. It gave me access to a community of like-minded people to socialize with, as I tried to navigate the next chapter of my life. 

Best of all, CCA hosts a variety of social events that go beyond sports. CCA is an inclusive organization all about having fun as a community, and that brings people together! 

For example, CCA hosted a Halloween Bar Crawl last year, and it ran so smoothly. They gave you a check-in point where you collect a lanyard, and that served as your ticket to the bar crawl. They even worked with the bars to provide special deals for participants. 

Overall, it was a great opportunity to drink, socialize, and meet people at your own pace. I went with a group of friends, but we made so many connections and new acquaintances throughout the night. So, if you’re looking for a way to meet new people in the area, these events are a great way to put yourself out there!

How can you get involved with CCA Sports?

If you’re interested in joining CCA Sports, you can head to their website for more information on their events and leagues. Depending on your situation, there are four different ways you can register to compete. You can get all of your friends together and register as a full team, or you can bring a small group and combine with other small groups. You can also sign up alone as a free agent, so you can make new friends. And finally, corporations and alumni groups can also register with special pricing and packages.

But signing up for a league means more than just a spot on the team. Many leagues provide t-shirts and drink tickets for post-game celebrations. The sign-up fee also helps CCA pay for league referees and community tournaments.

When you register for a league, be sure to check the location. One of the many great things about CCA is that they hold their events all throughout the Indianapolis region. You don’t have to live in a specific part of Indy to participate, and you don’t have to play in your neighborhood if you don’t want to. CCA lets you branch out to different leagues all across the region, so you can find the community that works best for you!

If I haven’t sold you on CCA Sports yet, another reason to support them is they create valuable part-time jobs in our community. These paid positions include game officials, league ambassadors, and promo-team members. Working for CCA is a fun opportunity that comes with a chance to make a lasting impact in your community. So, if you’re passionate about sports, you should check out their current openings here!

Player heads the soccer ball in a CCA soccer game

CCA Sports keeps the athlete in you alive!

I am beyond thankful that I found CCA Sports when I did. Rejoining the world post-COVID lockdown made me full of anxiety, but CCA gave me a place where I could put those thoughts away. Over the past couple years, I’ve made unforgettable, lasting memories with countless people all because CCA Sports exists.

If you’re searching for something fun to do in the Indy region, I can’t recommend CCA enough. They will help you make new friends, bond with old ones, and have a great time playing your favorite sports. What more could you ask for? 

So, come fuel your competitive spirit and make more friends in this wonderful city with Circle City Athletics! Each season, they open registration for about 60 sports leagues around Indianapolis. If you’re interested, head over to the CCA website to register before this season’s deadline. You will thank yourself in the long run!