Making an Impact: Meet 21 of Indianapolis’ Black Women in Business

Montage of Black Female Entrepreneurs from Indianapolis

Every February, we celebrate Black History Month, which is a time to celebrate the countless pioneers and change-makers who came before us. But we don’t need to look back to find revolutionary Black leaders and entrepreneurs. Black women make history every month here in Indianapolis! 

Every day, we make an impact with new projects, new businesses, and new ideas to improve our community. 

In fact, according to survey results from Small Business Trends, the percentage of women-owned small businesses in the United States is now 32%up from 27% last year. And that spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and active in the Indy region.  

Wherever you go, Hoosiers are always vocal about shopping local and supporting our women in business. But as entrepreneurship booms, Indianapolis has come to the forefront to advocate for ALL the enterprising women in our community. 

As our city pushes for change, we want to highlight a few of the amazing Black women in business here in the Indy region—and all the ways they’re making history.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Sara Alghani

Owner and Founder

of A Flower Shop Indy


Learn More About A Flower Shop Indy

Sara Alghani opened her floral design studio in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. At the time, Sara had just finished her Master’s Degree in Human Services. But with two young girls at home, it was impossible to find a healthy balance between work, virtual learning, and everyday life. 

So, Sara combined her love for flowers with her passion for helping others and transformed her home into a flower shop! 

Since then, A Flower Shop has bloomed into one of the best florists in Indianapolis. Sara prides herself on the quality and care of her arrangements, and her customers know they can depend on her for all of their floral needs. She specializes in everything from everyday bouquets to sympathy arrangements to full-scale wedding decor. And best of all, her shop offers same-day delivery all across the Indy region—so there’s always time to say it with flowers. 

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Trezanay M. Atkins

Owner and Founding Attorney

of tmalaw


Learn More About tmalaw

Trezanay M. Atkins is many things: a mother of two, an active member of her local church, and a licensed mathematics teacher—just to name a few. But Trezanay has made a name for herself as “the lawyer for brands,” working with companies, talent, and influencers across the country. 

In 2008, Trezanay built her own law firm called tmalaw—one word, all lowercase—that focuses exclusively on trademark law. Her firm helps with every stage of the brand life cycle, including brand protection, licensing, and defense strategies.   

After all, Trezanay is trained in intellectual property rights management and litigation, with experience protecting and defending many of the world’s greatest brands. At tmalaw, she’s made it her mission to serve brands in industries and markets that aren’t understood by larger law firms. So, every business can confidently build their brand!

Victoria Beaty Headshot

Victoria Beaty

Founder of The Botanical Bar

Executive Director of Growing Places Indy


Learn More About Growing Places Indy

Victoria Beaty started her marketing career in the fast food industry, working on advertising and event planning for McDonald’s. But over the years, she learned more about our food system and saw firsthand how the industry aggressively targets their  customers. 

Unhappy with her role, Victoria resigned from her corporate job and immediately enrolled in urban farming classes. It was during these classes that she discovered her true passion for food equity and the farm-to-table movement. 

Victoria became the Executive Director of Growing Places Indya local organization that supports local farmers and helps eradicate the food deserts in our community. This year, she is also opening a new small business called The Botanical Bar, a combination houseplant and coffee shop where plant enthusiasts can connect back with nature.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Jessica Bellamy

Entrepreneur and Owner

of JayBell Creative


Learn More About Jessica Bellamy

Jessica Bellamy is an agent for change in the influencer market. As a creative entrepreneur, Jessica is passionate about harnessing digital media to help creatives find their community. She uses social media, web design, and engagement strategies to support and inspire her followers. 

JayBell Creative is the overarching brand for all of Jessica’s entrepreneurial endeavors, including her three blogs: Rae Bellamy, Indy Blog Society, and Black Girls In Starbucks. Indy Blog Society features events and creators around the Indy region, while Rae Bellamy is Jessica’s main lifestyle brand around work-life balance and semi-luxury style. 

Across these different platforms, Jessica is always advocating for women of color, especially in the growing influencer industry. She promotes better access to resources and encourages brands to change the way they work with the BIPOC community.

Candace Boyd Headshot

Candace Boyd

The “Spice Slanger”

at FoodLoveTog


Learn More About FoodLoveTog

Candace Boyd is a highly sought-after, award-winning food creative who’s pro-Black, pro-women, and pro-love. Known around Indianapolis as the “spice slanger,” Candance uses her love of food to season the masses and connect people together. 

For Candance, life is all about sharing her love of cooking and leaving no dish unseasoned. In 2013, Candace started FoodLoveTog as an online space to share her recipes, collaborate on events, and sell her savory spice blends. She’s also the co-host of Black Girls Eating, a podcast about justice, black girl magic, and well-seasoned food. 

Candace is also an active member of the Indy community, lending her expertise to the DiverseCity Series, Growing Places Indy, and the Queer Food Foundation. She loves living and working in Indianapolis because the local culture is just so supportive. In her words, “Our businesses have love and strength in their makeup all because the community wants you to win.”

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Ebony Chappel

Journalist & Podcast Host


Learn More About Ebony Chappel

Ebony Chappel is the definition of a multi-talented multi-tasker! She’s best known for her work as an award-winning multimedia journalist. Over the years, she’s worked with Radio One Indianapolis, local television outlets, and various print publications, including the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and Indiana Minority Business Magazine. 

But Ebony is also a prolific speaker and community servant. She previously led outreach efforts for the Indiana Donor Network, connecting BIPOC and LGBTQ communities with the lifesaving gift of organ donation. Now, she works with Leadership Indianapolis, an organization dedicated to transformative civic engagement.  

In between all of that, Ebony has also started hosting her own podcast: What’s Good? With Ebony Chappel. During each episode, she interviews interesting people who are doing good things that make us feel good—bringing some positivity to your podcast listening!

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Courtney Evans

Entrepreneur and Owner

of Casual Chic Events


Learn More About Casual Chic Events

Courtney Evans has always had a passion for coordinating events. For years, she was constantly volunteering to host weddings and parties for her friends and loved ones, while juggling her own life and responsibilities. 

Then, in 2019, Courtney had the entrepreneurial epiphany to turn her passion into a career! She started Casual Chic Events to help people celebrate their special moments with a little something special. From kids’ birthday parties to memorable weddings, Courtney helps with everything from vendors to venues—and she always brings the balloons!

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Valarie Foster

Owner of ZURRI Boutique

Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer


Learn More About ZURRI Boutique

Valarie Foster wanted to create a boutique that helps every woman look and feel her best! She’s always loved how clothes and accessories help people express themselves, so she decided to bring her own unique style to the world. 

In 2019, Valarie created ZURRI Boutique, which focuses on trendy, high-quality apparel for women of all sizes. She carefully curates the clothing she stocks and provides lifestyle and fashion tips on her boutique blog. 

ZURRI Boutique used to sell exclusively online, but now, Hoosier locals can also shop at the Circle Centre Mall. ZURRI Boutique products are currently available at the SHE Xperience shop, where Valarie is offering in-person fashion advice. With her keen eye for beautiful pieces and stylings, you’re sure to find something you love!

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Denise Herd, MBA

President of Herd Strategies


Learn More About Herd Strategies

Denise Herd is a visionary leader in all things marketing and communications. Over the years, she’s honed her expertise in branding, advertising, and public relations in a variety of roles, such as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the Indiana Black Expo. 

In 2011, Denise set out on her own and built her own marketing and PR firm from the ground up. Now, Herd Strategies is celebrating ten years in business, helping clients connect and speak to the multicultural world around us. 

Denise truly is a force to behold and a leader in the industry. At Herd Strategies, she’s helped countless clients expand their reach and engage their community. But Denise is also a mentor at heart. She loves helping people with dreams and aspirations of entrepreneurship by teaching, speaking, and advocating for all women.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Martina Jackson

Entrepreneur and Author

Owner of Drea & Co.


Learn More About Drea & Co.

Martina Jackson represents creative entrepreneurship at its finest! With a clever mind and an artistic eye, her work encompassess a little bit of everything—from photography and interior design to food blogging and marketing. 

In 2015, Martina founded her own photography and marketing studio Drea & Co., which has become the home for all her creative endeavors. At Drea & Co., you can request her services, check out her marketing portfolio, or even browse the food blog for awesome recipes. (In fact, she recently published her own cocktail book called After Hours: Craft Cocktail Exploration for the Curious Homebody!) 

Martina is especially proud to be part of Indy’s business community, witnessing the influx of Black creators and business owners here. In her words, “the increase of creativity, collaboration, and partnership within the city has been inspiring to see and is critical in order for Black businesses to flourish, scale, and sustain.”

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Cyndi Joyner

Owner and Proprietor

of The Boujie Biscuit


Learn More About The Boujie Biscuit

Cyndi Joyner is a New York native who brought her love of eclectic comfort food here to Indiana! Cyndi’s travels have taken her all over the world, but she’s found that there’s nothing better than warm food on a handmade buttermilk biscuit. 

Since 2015, Cyndi has been serving up sweet and savory comfort food at The Boujie Biscuit. She loves mixing and matching unexpected international flavors that represent “comfort food” to different cultures. So, her menu combines classic American and international cuisines—with every dish poured, stacked, or placed on a flaky, made-from-scratch biscuit. 

Best of all, Cyndi has a heart made for serving her community. When you walk in the door, you know you’re being served love on a plate. You’re always greeted with a smile in her friendly, chic space. So, head on in and ask what her favorite biscuit is! She’ll tell you that all her babies are her favorite—respectfully, of course!

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Kristen Lampkin, MBA

CEO and Founder

of HR Guru


Learn More About Kristen Lampkin

Kristen Lampkin has made a name for herself as the HR Guru—the expert in equitable HR practices. She has over a decade of experience in human resources, focusing on talent acquisition, organizational development, and—of course—diversity and inclusion. 

In 2020, Kristen decided to share her expertise to the world, starting her own consulting business: HR Guru. She helps business professionals, creators, and entrepreneurs elevate their personal brand by refreshing their resume and LinkedIn profile. With her HR experience, Kristen knows what it takes to create a standout resume that can help land you your next position. 

Kristen is especially passionate about giving back to the community around her. Since launching her business, she’s been extremely grateful for the support and encouragement from the Indianapolis community.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Starla Kay Mathis

Co-Owner of Mathis Media


Learn More About Starla Kay Mathis

Starla Kay Mathis has always wanted to create content that inspires! Whether she’s filming for her clients or recording her podcast, Starla is passionate about pushing her creative limits and helping people pursue their dreams. 

Starla and her husband Reg are co-owners of Mathis Media, where they provide a variety of marketing services. Together, they capture their clients’ vision through photography, film, web design, and digital content creation. 

Starla is also the CEO of Create. Connect. Collab., a community designed to help creatives and entrepreneurs amplify their personal brands. With networking and masterclasses, Create. Connect. Collab. helps empower others to build their legacy—which is a blessing Starla doesn’t take lightly. 

In between all of that, Starla also creates lifestyle content for her blog and her podcast: Creative Life. Mom & Wife. Check out her website for tips, life lessons, and deep conversations about what it takes to create a life you love.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Aisha Rose

Founder of The Strength of SHE

Podcast Host on SHEnanigans


Learn More About The Strength of SHE

Aisha Rose is the founder of The Strength of SHE, a movement to empower women of color. The Strength of SHE community provides inspirational messages and resources that encourage women to be well, be loved, and be you. Aisha came up with the name as an acronym for success, humility, and empowerment—representing how the challenges we face can build us up and make us stronger.  

Through The Strength of SHE, Aisha hosts community events, offers valuable life advice, and connects women together. She also runs a shop with apparel designed to empower and uplift Black women and co-hosts the SHEnanigans podcast. 

The Strength of SHE community is an important space for Black women, especially here in Indianapolis. As Black women, Aisha believes that we have to give voice to our experiences in order to overcome them and live better, fulfilling lives. And with The Strength of SHE, she’s prepared to help women do just that.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Krystal Teela Shalise

Co-Owner of Earth + Fire

Designer and Videographer


Learn More About Earth + Fire

In her own words, Krystal Teela Shalise calls herself a “scatterbrained perfectionist” who loves to create. For her day job, Krystal works as a full-time graphic designer and videographer, constantly creating behind a computer screen. She started making jewelry as a way to unplug and decompress and instantly fell in love. 

So, Krystal teamed up with her mom, Tami, to turn her jewelry-making hobby into a small business! In 2019, they launched Earth + Fire and started selling their handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and art. 

Krystal and Tami use an array of mediums in their jewelry, including metal, clay, wood, and natural healing crystals. Together, they hand-select every stone they use and infuse each piece with positive energy, putting their love of creation into everything they make. 

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Jasmyn Squires, CPA

Owner of Accntable


Learn More About Jasmyn Squires

Jasmyn Squires is officially open for business! After ten years in the accounting industry, Jasmyn decided to strike out on her own and start her own accounting firm, Accntable, right here in Indianapolis. 

Accntable offers a variety of accounting services to help small businesses and entrepreneurs manage their finances. Jasmyn’s main goal is to help business owners become financially self-sufficient, so eventually, they only need her as a resource for high-level consulting. 

Jasmyn began taking clients in January 2022, and she can’t wait to use her experience to serve our community. After all, only about 1% of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are Black, which means few accountants focus on the financial health of Black-owned businesses. That’s why Jasmyn is especially excited to become a trusted resource for financial advice for Indy’s Black community.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Angelia Stone

Founder and CEO

of Hope Magazine


Learn More About Hope Magazine

Angie Stone started Hope over sixteen years ago, not knowing how her idea would grow into a true sisterhood. Back then, Hope was just a small newsletter she sent to inspire women and bring people together. Now, Hope has grown into the amazing magazine it is today, with a thriving community of readers and writers. 

Hope is a magazine dedicated to empowering women to become their best, most authentic selves. That includes everything from articles about life and culture, interviews with inspiring women, career and relationship advice, delicious recipes to try, and so much more. 

Over the years, Angie has realized that Hope truly is her calling. She believes that every article, every interview, and every connection they’ve made has been a blessing, and she looks forward to impacting more people in the years to come. 

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Elvery Tinsley


of Love Minus Limits


Learn More About Love Minus Limits

Elvery Tinsley has a passion for building healthy relationships! In fact, she and her husband Antoine have been married for 23 years now, and their relationship is stronger than ever. But they understand that relationships take work! 

That’s why Elvery and Antoine launched their brand: Love Minus Limits. They provide couples with the tools, resources, and advice they need to navigate marriage—through the good times and the bad. With easy date night ideas and step-by-step workbooks, Love Minus Limits helps couples spend quality time together and build a foundation of communication.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Kionna Louise Walker

Author and Architect

Founder of Next Great Architects


Learn More About Kionna Louise Walker

Kionna Louise Walker calls herself The Transparent Trailblazer because she believes transparency is the key to learning life’s lessons. From her books to her business endeavors, Kionna always opens up about herself in hopes that her experiences can help people overcome similar challenges in their own lives. 

In 2014, Kionna founded the Next Great Architects teaching studio to introduce more children to the art of architecture. 

Kionna realized at an early age that she wanted to be an architect. But back then, she knew she’d have to blaze her own trail if she wanted to achieve her dream. Now, Kionna has become the mentor she wished she had as a kid—helping the next generation of architects succeed. 

Kionna has also shared her experiences through her book: Broken Ruby: A Memoir of Healing from Generational Adultery. She used the pain of her past marriage to help other people facing similar situations see how healing is possible.

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Katina Washington

Founder & CEO

of The SHE Xperience


Learn More About The SHE Xperience

Katina Washington is an incredible entrepreneur and a trailblazer here in Indianapolis. While building her own business, Katina realized that Indy needed a space for women in business to showcase their work. So, she decided to fill the gap and provide the venues that Black-owned businesses need to succeed. 

And with that, the SHE Xperience was born! Katina’s first event started out with just three vendors and 75 attendees. But now, the SHE Xperience has given hundreds of entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase their sales and connect with our community. 

Over the years, Katina has expanded the SHE Xperience beyond the annual SHE Event, introducing new ways to achieve her mission. Now, she also hosts the SHE Event Youth Cohort and the SHE Marketplace—an online market for local business owners.  

Headshot of Sara Alghani

Evona Watson

Co-Owner and Managing Broker

of Triple E Realty


Learn More About Triple E Realty

Evona Watson is making waves in the world of real estate! When she first started her career, Evona worked as an auditor, putting her accounting degree to use. Then in 2002, Evona and her husband Edwin took on their first real estate project, introducing them to a whole new path to success! 

Together, Evona and Edwin started investing in real estate, managing properties, and giving their friends advice on their investments. As they started making decisions on behalf of other investors, Evona and Edwin decided to officially open Triple E Realty—and the rest is history! 

Now, Evona is an expert real estate professional with experience in everything from first-time homebuyers to international investors. So, if you’re looking for a house in the Indy region, you can trust Triple E to help you find a place that feels like home!

Shop local and support Black-owned businesses! 

Each and every one of these entrepreneurs is an exceptional, hard-working woman. Many of them are also wives and mothers, juggling family responsibilities on top of their workload. But that never stops them from creating, innovating, and finding their own path to success! 

And best of all, these 21 entrepreneurs are only a few of the talented Black women who are making waves here in Indianapolis. Our city thrives thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of countless Black entrepreneurs across our community

So, check out these companies for yourself, and don’t forget to support our local Black women in business! Because wherever you go, you can see our impact around every corner. Just open your eyes and watch history in the making!

Montage of Black Women Entrepreneurs in Indianapolis