Enjoy world-class music and entertainment at the Palladium concert hall in Carmel.

Exterior of the Palladium in Carmel

Just a few miles north of Indianapolis, you can discover a beautiful concert hall that resembles the European Renaissance. The Palladium concert hall is the largest of three venues at The Center for Performing Arts in Carmel. Since January 2011, the hall has celebrated local musicians and performance art with breathtaking concerts for all ages. 

This striking concert venue has welcomed famous musicians from across the nation. From classical to country music, some of the world’s best performers have graced its stage, including Tony Bennett, Harry Connick Jr., and Yo-Yo Ma. The 1,600-seat venue also offers a wide range of seating options. So, you can enjoy their shows from every angle!

Yet, the Palladium is still a community-focused venue with local musicians, guest speakers, and theater performances. It’s also home to the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, an 85-member symphonic group with an eclectic repertoire. They consider themselves a family-friendly orchestra and invite children to come experience the beauty of classical music. So, listeners of all ages can enjoy a night at The Palladium! 

The Palladium offers a memorable concert experience.

The Palladium immediately transports you to a different time and place. When you first walk into the hall, you’ll see sky-high ceilings and walls designed for optimal acoustics. The gorgeous limestone facade looks out over the audience and frames the dome-shaped stage. And even the restrooms have musical imagery built into their floors and ceiling tiles.

Architect David M. Schwarz designed the building to resemble La Rotonda, a Renaissance villa in Vicenza, Italy. He planned and crafted every detail of the venue, all the way down to the 88-key piano design on the bars. Pro tip: If you explore around the building, then you might find hidden models of the hall’s blueprint! 

The facility also boasts state-of-the-art acoustic technology to enhance the audience experience. During a concert, you may notice the movable acoustic panels that raise up and lower over the stage, altering the sound to fit the performance style. This allows the venue to host everything from intimate cabarets to headbanging rock concerts. The hall’s high ceilings and acoustic padding also help drown out any audience chatter. So, nothing distracts from the musical magic happening on stage!

The Palladium has performances for all interests.

Although the elegant hall is known for its classical music, the Palladium’s lineup offers something for even the most niche audience. Their Center Presents concert series features music from all genres, and the stage has also hosted theater, dance, stand-up comedy, and political campaign events. Some of the venue’s less traditional concerts have included Weird Al Yankovic, the B-52’s, and Smokey Robinson. 

For the more academically inclined, you can learn about our nation’s biggest cultural icons at The Great American Songbook Foundation. Performance icon Michael Feinstein founded the organization to celebrate the timeless musical standards of pop, jazz, Broadway, and Hollywood. The Foundation is housed in the Gallery level of the Palladium, and they often sponsor performances at the venue. 

The Songbook Foundation preserves some of our country’s most influential songs, sharing the stories and the history behind the music. The Exhibit Gallery features installations of various artifacts, sheet music, images, and artwork that commemorate artists who have contributed to the nation’s musical history. And the Foundation’s archives are constantly growing and changing along with the American music canon. 

If you’re more of a movie fan than a music lover, you should stop by the Palladium’s “Robert Adam Room.” There, you can admire a copy of the billboard ad for the musical film An American in Paris. This is just one of the many historic pieces preserved at the Great American Songbook exhibit! Admission to the Foundation’s gallery is free, so be sure to pop in before your next Songbook concert. 

The Palladium gives you access to the best in theater and music performances.

High-quality concert halls like this are typically only in major cities, but the Palladium offers world-class music performances right in the suburbs. The concert hall is conveniently located near Carmel City Center and is the perfect place for an unforgettable musical experience.

The Center for Performing Arts also gives you access to two other venues: the 200-seat Studio Theater and the 500-seat Tarkington theater. These smaller venues offer more intimate performances like drama and lecture presentations. All three of the city’s main venues elevate the audience experience and provide an escape from everyday life.