The AMP food hall blends entertainment with entrepreneurship.

Exterior of the AMP food hall in Indianapolis

Food halls are one of the latest trends in the culinary world, reimagining the old-fashioned food court and elevating it to a whole new level. These halls bring together dozens of shops and restaurants under one roof, and people love them for both the convenience and the community they offer.

Over the past decade, hundreds of food halls have popped up across the United States—and Indy is no different! Hoosiers travel from all across the region to experience world-class food halls, like The AMP at 16 Tech.

Named one of “The Top Ten New Food Halls in the U.S.” by Fodors, the AMP is one of Indy’s most popular culinary destinations. From Venezuelan cuisine to Philly cheesesteaks, their vendors include a wide variety of local chefs, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

The AMP is especially unique because it’s built inside the service bay of the old Indianapolis Water Company. The space has been entirely renovated and revamped, but the historic building creates an atmosphere unlike any other.

As you walk in, you’re immediately struck by the vibrant décor, the murmur of happy diners, and the fragrant smell of good food wafting in the air. Most of the food stalls are built inside repurposed shipping containers with bright, colorful exteriors. And when you pair that with high ceilings and an open-air bar, the AMP looks as welcoming as it feels.

Of course, the AMP isn’t the only food hall in Indianapolis. You can also check out the Garage at Bottleworks for a taste of fresh, local cuisine. But while the Garage focuses on chic downtown dining, the AMP is part of 16 Tech—a district designed for Indy’s most inventive and innovative creators.

Stage at the AMP food hall
HqO Innovation Hub at 16 Tech

What is 16 Tech?

16 Tech is Indy’s first Innovation District, a 50-acre community dedicated to fostering innovation through collaboration. Just minutes north of downtown Indianapolis, 16 Tech brings together local nonprofits, corporate leaders, academic researchers, and emerging entrepreneurs—all in one place.

The district features a mixture of public and private offices, state-of-the-art labs, and hands-on makerspaces. They officially opened their first office-lab in 2020, and they’ve continued to expand the development with new opportunities and resources for the community. By 2030, 16 Tech will support more than 3,000 jobs and span over three million square feet of office, lab, retail, and residential space.

Together, these resources create an environment where entrepreneurship thrives. Local creators can bring their ideas, develop strategies and prototypes, and learn alongside the district’s anchor tenants, including the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, and the IU School of Medicine.

One of the most popular spaces at 16 Tech is the HqO Innovation Hub. With startup incubators, flexible office space, and the Machyne makerspace, HqO gives people access to critical resources and mentorship to fuel their innovation. Best of all, HqO is also home to the AMP!

The AMP is a food hall built for restaurant innovation.

The AMP is the cultural center of 16 Tech, giving residents and workers a place to eat, drink, and connect with other creators. After all, 16 Tech supports all kinds of innovation—including brand-new retail and restaurant concepts!

That’s why the AMP is uniquely designed to help emerging entrepreneurs launch and scale their business. They provide an affordable space for chefs to open their restaurants, while promoting that business alongside some of the brightest stars in the city.

From cocktail bars to pinball arcades, the AMP features a variety of shops, services, and things to do. But most people come to the AMP for their inventive food vendors!

One of those innovative restaurants is Melon Kitchens—a first-of-its-kind restaurant accelerator for up-and-coming Black chefs. The way it works is that local Black restaurateurs can apply to the Melon Kitchens program, which helps them develop their menus, test their recipes, and scale their business.

Then, Melon Kitchens operates as a ghost kitchen for these entrepreneurs, so they can launch their restaurant without needing a physical location. This allows them to save money while they refine their concept and grow their customer base.

But Melon Kitchens isn’t the only restaurant that’s serving up something special. The AMP supports a vibrant culinary community with diverse flavors and talented chefs—ready to lead the next generation of up-and-coming restaurants!

“It’s been so exciting to open our restaurant in the AMP because [16 Tech] is a community that celebrates everyone. You have startup businesses. You have women-owned restaurants and minority-owned restaurants. And it’s unique because it celebrates these different cultures.”

- Kara Hawkins, Owner & Founder of Taste of Innova

Order up delicious food from local Indianapolis restaurants at the AMP.

One of the best things about food halls is that they have something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a vegan salad or a hearty gumbo, the AMP has dozens of dining options to satisfy the entire dinner party.

For starters, Beast Burgers & Bites serves up some of the best melt-in-your-mouth burgers in town—with both vegan and gluten-free options available. Poke Guru makes nutritious poke bowls with lean proteins and house-made sauces, while Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood Market gives you a taste of the coast right here in the Midwest.

If you’re looking for something a little more creative, then try The Food Architect’s Natural Drink and Sea Moss Bar for a superfood smoothie. You can also stop by Healthy Soul for some farm-to-table soul food, or you can head down to the PB&J Factory to feed your inner child.

In fact, the PB&J Factory is one of the most inventive concepts at the AMP, injecting fun into food with modern nostalgia. It’s a combination sandwich shop and cereal bar that serves—you guessed it—peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But owner Sam Campbell elevates the classic PB&J into a decadent dish that thrives in the AMP’s restaurant lineup.

“AMP is a great space to launch [your business],” said Sam Campbell, owner of the PB&J Factory. “With [AMP] being in the community I grew up in, it allows people who know me to come support me and be part of something new and exciting in the city. When people walk past my shop, their eyes light up!”

Sign for the AMP food hall
Chef cooking at Melon Kitchens

Food halls showcase local chefs with global cuisines.

At the AMP, you can also experience a world of flavor with authentic international cuisine from all across the globe. Azucar Morena is a Venezuelan arepa bar with traditional household recipes, as well as Venezuelan coffee and natural juices. Meanwhile, Limon Taqueria serves street-style tacos, burritos, and other Mexican food, and Fresko offers a unique fusion of Italian and Latin cuisine.

The AMP is also home to the Taste of Innova Wings + Greens—a fusion restaurant that blends traditional family recipes with diverse international flavors. Whether you’re ordering the Island Jerk, Savannah Heat, or the African Pepper + Zest, their house signature seasoning lets you travel the world—one bite at a time.

“We have so many different customers that come from all over and want a taste of things they’re not used to—a taste of things that are out of their palates,” said Kara Hawkins, owner and founder of Taste of Innova. “And that’s why we do it… to educate individuals that there’s more out there. That there’s beauty in celebration, in other cultures and their foods.”

Pinball machines at the Escape Pod arcade
Person at the counter of PB&J Factory

The AMP is also a community space for local events and entertainment.

The AMP is one of Indy’s hottest culinary destinations, but people come to the food hall for more than just the food. Part of the attraction is the artisan marketplace and the surrounding 16 Tech community—with exciting events and entertainment all year long.

Locals and visitors alike come to the AMP to meet up with friends, browse the shops, and spend some time in the neighborhood. You’ll see people crowding around the Escape Pod arcade, testing their skills on vintage pinball machines. And during the day, there’s always someone getting a fresh cut or a hot shave at the Black Orchid Barbershop.

But event season is when the AMP really comes alive! They host a variety of events for the entire community, including local craft fairs, art shows, food specials, and weekly Trivia Tuesdays. The food hall is also an ideal venue for the annual Winter Farmers Market, offering plenty of space for vendors to set up shop indoors. This is especially important for local farmers and food producers because it gives them a place to sell their products year-round.

While you’re out buying farm-fresh food, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent desserts from one of the AMP’s resident bakers. Punkin’s Pies specializes in chocolate-dipped fruit and sweet potato pie, while Circle City Sweets is a classic French-style patisserie with artisan breads and croissants. End your trip at Boba & Everything with a bubble tea to-go, and you have the perfect recipe for a fun weekend outing!

People chatting with the bartender at Hiatus Bar

Visit the AMP and join the 16 Tech community!

With a colorful community of passionate creators, the AMP proves that food halls are more than just a trend. They’re a culinary revolution!

Food halls create a space where people can come together, make connections, and celebrate good food. They inspire innovation and promote entrepreneurship, while ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table. And that collaborative spirit is what drives people to places like 16 Tech.

After all, the AMP is only part of the larger 16 Tech community. From flexible workspaces to tool training programs, the district has everything you need to bring your idea to life. So, you can easily head over to the AMP for a quick bite—and then go right back to work.

In the coming years, 16 Tech will continue to expand with new businesses, more residents, and exciting opportunities. Hoosiers can check out recent developments like the Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2), as well as a new bridge connecting 16 Tech with IUPUI. And in the meantime, you can always satisfy your sense of adventure by trying something new at the AMP!