The Bottleworks District is a chic hub for shopping, entertainment, and local food.

Exterior of the former Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in the Bottleworks District

Photo courtesy of The Addison Group

After years of eager anticipation, the Indy region has welcomed a new cultural hub to our capital city: the Bottleworks District! The district officially opened in 2020 after completing the first phase of its construction. And Bottleworks has quickly become one of Indianapolis’ coolest hotspots!

The district encompasses 12 acres of mixed-use development, including a boutique hotel, a theater, and the city’s first food hall. With its prime location in the heart of Indy, the Bottleworks District is the perfect spot to grab a drink after work, try international cuisine from local restaurants, and enjoy a movie night with your friends and family.

Bottleworks is located right at the end of Mass Ave, one of the most popular cultural districts in downtown Indianapolis. Mass Ave offers their own fine dining restaurants, art galleries, and theaters, so you can easily explore the neighborhood for a full day out on the town! And Bottleworks is also on the Cultural Trail, giving you convenient access to bikeshares, bus stops, and walking paths. 

The Bottleworks District is breathing new life into a historic Indianapolis site.

Bottleworks gets its fun name from the historic site it now occupies: the iconic Indianapolis Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. The original plant was first built back in 1931, and it grew into largest bottling plant in the world! But by 1968, all of their bottling operations had moved to Speedway, Indiana—leaving the old plant behind. Indianapolis Public Schools eventually bought the building and used it as their central prep kitchen and bus depot for years.

Now, the Bottleworks District is a fusion of the past and present! During construction, they revitalized the building, breathing new life into its industrial Art Deco architecture. And after $300 million in renovations, Bottleworks officially became the largest private development of its kind in Indiana.

Stay in luxury at the boutique Bottleworks Hotel in Indianapolis.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or looking for a nearby staycation spot, the Bottleworks Hotel combines historic beauty with glamorous luxury. This new 139-key boutique hotel has transformed the old Coca-Cola bottling plant’s former administration building into a modern architectural marvel. During construction, they carefully restored the historic building to its original glory, entirely renovating its unique Art Deco design.

From the outside alone, you’ll want to stop and admire the hotel’s white terracotta walls. But as you enter through the brass and glass doors, the interior is what truly takes your breath away. The hotel lobby is a stylish homage to 1930s architecture, with a circular marble staircase, bright orange and green walls, and checkered terrazzo floors—painstakingly restored from the original tiles.

The hotel’s halls and rooms are also lined with dramatic black and white photographic artwork of various portraits and landscapes. Throughout the building, these photos tell the story of the hotel’s history, from the original employees who worked at the bottling plant to the talented craftsmen who restored it.

The Bottleworks Hotel offers a boutique hotel experience.

However, the Bottleworks Hotel is still built for the modern traveler with sleek technology and exceptional service. Their rooms offer gorgeous views of the city, velvet couches to relax on, and historic terrazzo-tiled floors. All guest rooms are also stocked with plush bathrobes, spa bathroom treatments, and an in-room minibar with local flavors—perfect for indulging in luxurious comfort.

Down in the lobby lounge, you can try a hand-crafted cocktail at The Club Room, or you can enjoy a manicure at the hotel’s built-in spa and nail salon. Then, for dinner, you have plenty of dining options around downtown. In Bottleworks alone, you can try the variety of food vendors over at the Garage. And because of its prime location, the hotel is surrounded by the hottest spots in Indianapolis!

“The Bottleworks District has added a new and exciting element to downtown Indianapolis, providing a mixed-use space for both locals and visitors. The unique history of the once largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world—combined with the development’s robust offerings—have created a one-stop shop to stay, play, and dine.”

– Jeff Whiteman, Chief Operating Officer at Geronimo Hospitality Group

Taste the many flavors of Indianapolis at the Garage Food Hall.

The Bottleworks District’s main dining attraction is the Garage Food Hall—a 38,000 square-foot market with creators from all across Indy. The Garage is the first food hall in Indianapolis, inspired by modern locales like Chelsea Market and Ponce City Market. These places reimagine the stereotypical food court into trendy community marketplace with tasty foods, boozy beverages, and live entertainment.

Like the district itself, the Garage also gets its name from the old Indianapolis Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Two of the plant’s garage buildings were repurposed for the food hall, transforming the industrial space into something entirely new. Those old garages once held giant Coca-Cola delivery trucks and then school buses for the city. But now, the space is filled to the brim with delicious smells, lively music, and sounds of laughter.

The Garage maintains the same 1930s industrial architecture as the rest of Bottleworks, including the building’s carefully restored terracotta facades. They even kept the original garage doors along Carrollton Avenue, which now roll up for restaurant seating on the patio.

The Garage welcomes the best in local Indiana businesses.

Best of all, the Garage Food Hall features local vendors with cuisine and flavors from all around the world! From Venezuelan breakfasts to Hawaiian bowls, the Garage is a community-focused market with diverse food from our region’s culture.

Clancy’s Hamburgers brings you back to the 1960s with their family-owned diner-style restaurant. Gaucho’s Fire blends Brazilian and Italian cuisine, while La Chinita Poblana fuses Mexican food with Asian flavors. And Chapati Beta serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine with halal meats and Middle Eastern spices.

Altogether, there are over 20 different food vendors just waiting for you to come and grab a bite. The Garage is also home to coffee shops like Blue Collar Coffee Co. and cocktail bars like Hard Truth, a local distillery with artisan spirits. Whichever beverage you’d prefer, you can sip as you explore the retailers around the hall, including gift shops, a yoga studio, a barber shop, and more.

Enjoy unique entertainment experiences from movies to music.

Entertainment is built into every corner of the Bottleworks District, from rooftop cocktail bars to live music performances! With lots of nearby shops and activities to explore, Bottleworks is the ideal place for a day out with friends or a date night with your partner.

Bottleworks’ main entertainment venue is Living Room Theaters, an upscale cinema that makes going to the movies an all-new experience. Each theater offers an intimate, living room-style environment with reclining seats and side tables for easy dining during the film. With a full bar and a gourmet kitchen, you can arrive early and relax in the lounge, or you can order a meal to your seat before the lights go down.

Living Room Theaters is also the first cinema of its kind in Indianapolis, featuring exclusive new releases and independent films. In addition to mainstream Hollywood hits, the theater showcases the best in indie films, foreign films, and movies from local creators. So, you can enjoy a film festival experience from a comfortable theater seat!

Meanwhile, the Garage doubles as a fun community space for events and entertainment. The food hall regularly features live music performers and DJs, and they have a built-in space ready for rotating events and pop-ups for tastings and demonstrations.

And if you’re looking for something more active, you should check out Pins Mechanical! They combine old school games with craft cocktails and beers, creating a boozy game night like never before. They offer duckpin bowling, bocce ball, patio pong, and vintage pinball machines for you and your friends to play.

The Bottleworks District is a growing cultural center in the heart of Indianapolis.

From sophisticated hotel suites to local food vendors, the Bottleworks District is a place where residents and travelers alike can enjoy a historic homage to Indy’s culture. This ambitious project has brought together countless talented people to create a new community space—and a destination made for making memories.

In the coming years, the Bottleworks District will continue to grow with Phase II of construction already in the works. Next on the list for development is retail and office space and then residential housing options in the district. In total, Bottleworks is planning for about 175,000 square feet of retail shops, 180,000 square feet of flexible office space, 175 apartments, and around 30 condos.

These new spaces will provide ample opportunity for you and your business to find a home in the center of Indianapolis, putting you in close proximity to many of the city’s finest vendors. And in the meantime, you can explore the neighborhood for yourself and fill every moment with exciting new adventures.