Top 10 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Central Indiana

Watts Christmas Tree Farm

Photo courtesy of Watts Christmas Tree Farm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every December, Indianapolis transforms into a dazzling winter wonderland—decked out with glittering lights and festive decor to get you in the holiday spirit. There are countless seasonal celebrations like the Circle of Lights at Monument Circle, Indy Symphony Orchestra’s Yuletide concert, Winterlights at Newfields, and more.   

But for many Hoosiers, Christmas just isn’t Christmas until they find the perfect tree! Although some people prefer the simplicity of artificial trees, hundreds of families still brave the cold to pick out a real evergreen each year. These live trees are a great way to bring extra holiday cheer into your home, while creating unforgettable memories with your family. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to travel far to find the perfect pine for your holiday decor! Central Indiana boasts several family-owned tree farms that feel like they came straight out of a Hallmark movie—each with their own unique history and charm. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of the Top 10 places to find the perfect Christmas tree here in the Indianapolis region!

1. Dull’s Tree Farm — Thorntown, IN

If you drive into Indianapolis on Highway 421, you’ve probably passed the giant red signs sprinkled along the side of the road, raving about how families “need a real Dull’s Tree!” Dull’s has a reputation as one of the best tree farms in Indiana—and for good reason. 

Since 1985, Dull’s Tree Farm has grown thousands of Christmas trees for Hoosier families. They welcome guests for pumpkin picking in the fall and tree cutting in the winter with opening day of the Christmas season taking place on Black Friday. 

Their tree farm is dog-friendly and even has photographers on site, encouraging patrons to share their memories on social media with hashtags like #GrowingMemories, #DullsTreeFarm, and #DullsPumpkinHarvest. If you’re coming from out of town, Dull’s also has an inn that’s available to rent as a bed and breakfast!

Have ADA needs? Dull’s provides wagon rides to the trees, so guests can avoid the long walk! Just know that dogs are not allowed on wagons.

2. Yakey Tree Farm — Fishers, IN

Starting a tree farm is a huge undertaking that requires both diligence and patience. After all, Christmas trees only grow a foot or two a year, and most shoppers want their tree to stand a towering 7-feet tall! 

Milt and Jane Yakey started planting seedlings on their farm in 1985—and it took six years before they sold their first tree. But all that hard work has paid off! Now, Yakey Tree Farm is an official destination that provides holiday magic for families all across Fishers and beyond. 

This tree farm evokes a nostalgic atmosphere that feels a little bit like stepping back in time. They don’t even have an official website, operating solely through phone appointments and word-of-mouth advertising. Just keep in mind that the farm is closed on Sundays to give the couple a day of rest, so plan to visit sometime Monday-Saturday!

Dulls Tree Farm

Photo courtesy of Dulls Tree Farm

Yakey Tree Farm

Photo of Yakey Tree Farm courtesy of Michael Durr

3. Watts Christmas Tree Farm — Zionsville, IN

Once located right off of Zionsville Main Street, Watts was known around town for hanging up a row of Christmas trees suspended in the air! Now, Watts Christmas Tree Farm is located at Traders Point Creamery, where you can find farm-fresh food and family-friendly activities all year long.  

The Watts Tree Farm opens on Black Friday this year, as they have for over 50 years now. Current owner Dave Watts took over the business from his parents, who started the original farm back in 1961. Watts is now one of Indiana’s longest-running Christmas tree farms—with such genuine service that their team treats you more like friends than customers. 

In everything they do, the Watts family truly captures the Christmas spirit, helping spread a sense of holiday cheer throughout the community. They’ve even kept their tree prices at pre-pandemic rates to ensure that anyone who wants a tree can get one! 

Have ADA needs? Watts offers deliveries to any of their patrons!

4. Gore’s Christmas Trees — Indianapolis, IN

Finding a Christmas tree farm can be difficult in major metros like Indianapolis, but Gore’s Christmas Trees is the ideal spot for Indy residents who don’t want to leave the city! For 60 years and counting, this urban tree farm has been a holiday tradition for Indianapolis families looking for an authentic tree farm experience.  

Gore’s boasts an impressive array of trees to choose from—with Christmas trees ranging from 5 feet to 19 feet tall. This variety ensures that everyone can find the perfect tree for their home, whether you live in an apartment or a mansion. 

5. Jay’s Tree Farm — Mooresville, IN

Whether you want help from a professional or prefer to cut your tree yourself, Jay’s Tree Farm has options for you! At Jay’s, you can choose your Christmas centerpiece from a selection of over 100 trees, ranging from Scotch Pines to Douglas Firs. They also offer a nice selection of larger trees around 9-12 feet tall. 

While you’re there, apple cider is free for all guests, and hot chocolate and cookies are available for purchase—with proceeds going to charity. And as long as they’re kept on a leash, your furry friends are welcome to join the fun! Jay’s Tree Farm opens for business beginning on Black Friday each year, but the farm also has contact information on their website for people interested in buying a tree before Thanksgiving.

Gore's Christmas Trees

Photo courtesy of Gore’s Christmas Trees

Jay's Tree Farm

Photo courtesy of Jay’s Tree Farm

6. Piney Acres Farm — Fortville, IN

Piney Acres Farm is somewhat of an outlier compared to most Christmas tree farms. Piney actually allows patrons to pre-tag their trees year-round! They also begin selling their Christmas trees before Thanksgiving—similar to that friend who wakes up the morning after Halloween and decides to listen to Christmas music. 

Point is: if you’re the type of person to plan ahead for the holidays, Piney might be the best place to start! While you’re there, you can also pet the farm animals, visit Santa, peruse the farm store for artisan goods, and more! Piney Acres Farm is also a proud partner of Trees for Troops—a project led by FedEx that donates Christmas trees to military bases around the world.

7. Sambol’s Tree Farm — Fortville, IN 

Just a few miles south from Piney Acres, you’ll find Sambol’s Tree Farm—another family farm that proudly supports Trees for Troops. At Sambol’s, you can choose from a variety of pre-cut trees or sign up for the full DIY tree cutting experience. Their Choose & Cut option comes complete with hand saws, kneeling pads, and easy-to-pull sleds to help transport your tree across the farm. 

Early on in the season, Sambol’s partners with local food truck vendors to sell treats like hot cocoa. They also offer fresh, handmade wreaths and garlands with custom orders welcome. But act fast! Sambol’s tends to close their fields early in December, so make sure you don’t miss out.

8. Evan’s Whispering Pines — Danville, IN 

The Evans family began selling pine trees during the Christmas season of 1989, and they haven’t looked back. Each year, Evans Whispering Pines opens the day after Thanksgiving, welcoming families to search for the perfect tree on their 53-acre farm.

Typically, the Evans farm is only open for two to three weeks each year. But they make an effort to turn every weekend into a festive holiday event. While looking for their tree, guests are encouraged to visit Santa, meet Macey the Pony, and say hello to Buddy the Miniature Donkey. 

They also host pop-up activities for the whole family, such as face painting, ornament making, wood carving demonstrations, and more. Details about the activities can be found on the farm’s Facebook page.

Piney Acres Farm

Photo courtesy of Piney Acres Farm

Evans Whispering Pines

Photo courtesy of Evans Whispering Pines

9. Hilgert Christmas Tree Farm — Fairland, IN

As a self-identified “microfarm,” Hilgert Christmas Tree Farm specializes in small Christmas trees. On average, their trees stand about 4-6 feet high, which makes them perfect for apartments, homes with low ceilings, or anyone looking for an easy starter tree. Best of all, these trees are remarkably affordable—available for only $40 each! 

Most tree farms don’t sell Christmas trees this size, so this is a great opportunity to try out a live tree without the stress of hauling an enormous evergreen. Tree cutting at Hilgert is self-service only, but their farm is open seven days a week starting Thanksgiving weekend.

10. Lost Forty Tree Farm — Greenfield, IN

Over in Greenfield, the Lost Forty Tree Farm offers a custom U-Pick tree cutting experience, depending on your skill and comfort level. Novices are given loaner hand saws to cut down their trees, while veteran tree pickers are allowed to bring their own chainsaws to the farm! 

Lost Forty has over 10,000 trees in all stages of life growing across its 100 acres, including a variety of pine, fir, and spruce trees just waiting to brighten up your home. But if you want to explore their tree options, make sure you plan early! This farm is only open the weekend of Thanksgiving and the first weekend of December.

It’s never too late to start a new Christmas tradition!

Live Christmas trees may not be the right choice for everyone. But if you have the time, space, and funds to afford it, there’s a certain magic in picking out the perfect tree to decorate your holiday hearth. 

Here in Indiana, people often make it a family tradition, bringing their children to the same tree farm year after year for generations. They meet the families behind the farms—and begin to build a relationship that feels more like friendship than business.

Each tree farm has a story, steeped in the history of their own family traditions. But they all share the same sense of Hoosier Hospitality, inviting you to celebrate this special time of year together. So, whichever farm you choose to visit, you’re bound to find a charming destination that evokes a sense of nostalgia and Christmas cheer. 

One Last Pro Tip: If you want to get professional photos done at one of these tree farms, know the rules! Each location has its own policy, so be sure to check their websites for details!