The Top 16 Coworking Spaces in the Indy Region

People working in the Top Out Cafe

Photo courtesy of Top Out Cafe

People have said it before, but I’ll say it again: Indiana is a great place to start a business. In fact, Forbes ranked Indiana the #1 Best State to Start a Business thanks to our low cost of living and business-friendly tax rates. But most importantly, Indiana is a place where entrepreneurs can find the resources they need to succeed. 

The Indy region is known for its supportive business community, where startups can connect with all kinds of incubators, accelerators, and mentors. From community organizations like the Indy Chamber to think tank networks like iTeam, Indianapolis offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs to go out and spread their wings. 

One of the most valuable resources for new businesses is a good coworking space—a place where entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate with one another. Luckily, Indianapolis has a space for everyone, whether you’re launching a small startup or just looking for an office away from the kitchen table.

Coworking Spaces for the Movers and Makers

1. Machyne Makerspace

The Machyne Makerspace gives you the high-tech tools you need to bring your big ideas to life. Located in 16 Tech just outside of downtown Indianapolis, this coworking space offers all the resources and amenities of the big city, without the hassle of downtown parking. Members can work hands-on in the Machyne Makerspace and learn to use cutting-edge fabrication technology—from 3D printing and laser cutting to woodworking and welding. In addition to these tools, members also benefit from the wealth of resources within the 16 Tech Innovation District, including their partnership with the nationwide incubator network, 1776.  

2. Madjax Maker Force 

On the north side of the Indy region, Madjax Maker Force is a hub of makers, artists, and entrepreneurs in Muncie, Indiana. This collaborative coworking space is part of Sustainable Muncie—a non-profit that works to revitalize the local community by supporting small business development. Madjax is a piece of that puzzle, providing a place for entrepreneurs and artisans to create, collaborate, and launch their business ventures.   

P30 Coworking Space

Photo courtesy of P30

Launch Fishers Coworking Space

Photo courtesy of Launch Fishers

Spaces to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

3. Top Out Café 

The Top Out Café is a unique coworking space anchored inside of North Mass Boulder—a combination climbing gym, fitness studio, and all-around community hangout. With plenty of food, drinks, and on-site gym equipment, the Café is the perfect place for a quick workout in-between meetings and then a small snack to recharge. You can even bring your desk to the yoga studio, so you can ease in and out of vinyasa as you find your workflow!

4. Union Campus 

Union Campus is a personal favorite of mine—a coworking space that holds a truly special place in my heart. They share the building with Dry Bones Mud House (a delicious local coffee shop) and a community fitness center (that even has a slide!) With convenient parking out front, this coworking space is just minutes away from downtown Indy’s best bars and restaurants. One of my favorite spots is Ellison Brewing, which is great for a quick lunch meeting outside of the office. 

5. COhatch 

Can’t decide where you want to work? COhatch is a network of coworking spaces with locations in Broad Ripple, Carmel, Zionsville, Noblesville, and downtown Indianapolis. As a member, you can get access to every COhatch space, including their sister locations in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Tampa, and more! (I recommend the Broad Ripple location because it’s genuinely really cool. The building used to be a church, and now it’s the perfect balance between modernism and preservation.)

COHatch has also been building out its online community, which only broadens your opportunity for connection. If you’re interested, COhatch offers several membership levels—such as their Young Professionals Membership for entrepreneurial youngins’—so anyone can travel with their work! 

Coffee shop at Union Campus

Photo courtesy of Union Campus

Coworking Spaces Perfect for Startups  

6. Maven Space 

This coworking space is fairly new in town, but the Maven community is no stranger here. Originally started as Indy Maven, the Maven Space fills a gap in the community by cultivating a space for femme-identifying professionals. Their programming helps members grow both personally and professionally by serving them in a more holistic, intentional way. A membership here means gaining access to their gym and their content creation studio, as well as a jam-packed event calendar to keep you busy. They also offer opportunities to host your own events here—with on-site catering and a list of female vendors you can support when you rent the space! 

7. Irvington Coworking 

Over on the eastside of Indianapolis, Irvington Coworking is an intimate space full of innovation. Their programming is available to both members and non-members, so you can easily get involved and start working with their local creator community. This coworking space connects you with startups and creative professionals in a wide range of fields, while offering a variety of event-hosting capabilities right at your fingertips. 

8. Launch Fishers 

Built in partnership with the City of Fishers, Launch Fishers is a place made to sow collaboration and grow local businesses. With 16 office suites, 13 conference rooms, a theater room, and a full-service bistro, this coworking space has plenty of amenities to bring your ideas to life (and give you a boost when you need it!) At Launch Fishers, members are also encouraged to meet with other entrepreneurs at their recurring Member Meetups and Coffee & Conversations events.

People working in Maven Space

Photo courtesy of Maven Space

Spaces That Cultivate Their Community

9. P30 

P30 is an organization committed to rewriting the narrative around the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. Leading by example, their founders represent a collective of leaders focused on disrupting inequality and igniting hope for the community. This mission-driven coworking space gives entrepreneurs on the eastside of Indianapolis a place to learn from local leaders and become a resource for their neighbors. 

In their own words: “The ability to create social impact for the people of this community is what brought us here. We are dedicated and committed to bettering the Far Eastside through business and entrepreneurship, education and opportunity, resources and expertise, and the belief that together we can make a difference.” 

10. The Speak Easy 

At its core, The Speak Easy is a community coworking space that aims to make entrepreneurship more accessible. They believe that “entrepreneurship is the frontline for equity in the next economy.” So, their organization works to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship by creating a diverse network of shared resources.

Now, The Speak Easy is a place that uplifts small businesses in the local community, as well as the surrounding region. They even partner with organizations across the country to expand their programming and services. One of those partners is 1 Million Cups—an organization that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business and overcome hurdles with a community of peers. And if that’s not true to form, I don’t know what is!

11. zWORKS 

Founded by local volunteers and community leaders, zWorks was designed to be a catalyst for the entrepreneurial minds in Zionsville. This coworking space is essentially an “economic development engine” for folks interested in growing their businesses on the northside of the Indy region. With a personality true to its host city, zWORKS has been a tool to elevate business growth and connection since 2015, providing resources for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs alike. 

Coworking Spaces for Solopreneurs on the Grind

12. VAULT 

This unique coworking space was originally a bank building from the 1940s. But now, the VAULT is a one-of-a-kind space with creative branding and a lot of history. With a variety of membership options, this is the perfect place to turn your side-hustle into a small business. The VAULT gives you the freedom to select how much office space you need, so you can find the optimal setup for both your creativity and your productivity to thrive. 

13. Switchboard 

Located in Fountain Square, this house-turned-hub is inclusive, cozy, and easily accessible from your phone! The Switchboard is on the cutting-edge of coworking tech, so all you have to do is sign up and then use your mobile device to open the door. Their membership options are also really flexible, which makes it easy to adapt to your office needs—whether that’s just for a day or all year long! This space is perfect for freelancers looking for a change of scenery from the work-from-home grind. 

14. Cubework 

Cubework prides itself on being a versatile office space for businesses ready to expand. Unlike many coworking spaces, they also offer warehouse storage for online retailers or any other startup with inventory to monitor. Their system lets you log in and check on your upcoming shipments—and even pack orders for future delivery. So, say sayonara to holding all your inventory at home! You can leave your work at work by bringing your office to Cubework.

People networking at Switchboard

Photo courtesy of Switchboard

Spaces for Work and for Play

15. Platform 24

Platform 24 is a coworking space that doubles as a sleek, gorgeous event venue. Located in Carmel, this space is ideal for meetings, conferences, and corporate events with ample on-site parking for all your guests. Members have the option to use Platform 24 as their recurring event space—and just think how stress-free you’d be, hosting your event in the same space you regularly work from! 

16. Wyrk_Space 

Time to rev your engines and head over to your next coworking spot! With a stunning view of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this daily office will be the envy of all your friends. Wyrk_Space also shares a roof with the newly renovated U.S. Auto Club, which makes it an ideal spot for hosting the kind of classy events that elevate your company’s clientele. So, no matter what industry you work in, Wyrk_Space can help you cross the finish line and scale at speed.  

Man working at Machyne Makerspace

Photo courtesy of Machyne Makerspace

Spread your wings and fly with a coworking space!

All of these coworking spaces are collaborative and supportive in their own unique ways. Whether it’s their programming or their on-site amenities, these spaces create opportunities for people to find inspiration, learn about entrepreneurship, and ultimately pursue the career of their dreams. All you have to do is find the place that works the best for your workflow.

Lucky for you, the Indy region has so many spaces ready to help you grow your business—and grow as a person. These coworking spaces are only a few of the entrepreneur support organizations and resources across the region. But if you’re ready to launch your startup or simply move your business out of your home, most of the places I listed offer a free Day Pass after you tour their building. So, go out, brave your blue jeans, and start cultivating your own office in a coworking space!