Say I Do: The Top 7 Wedding Venues in Indianapolis

Groom dips bride at Finley Creek Vineyards wedding venue

Photo courtesy of Finley Creek Vineyards

Congratulations! You found the perfect person! You got the perfect ring—and now, it’s time to find the perfect wedding venue! As you start wedding planning, the first (and arguably the most important) decision is where you and your partner want to say, “I do.” But there are so many potential venues to choose from. Where do you even start?! 

I got married this past February, and let me tell you. Searching for a wedding venue is an incredibly fun process, but it can be remarkably daunting and overwhelming at times. More often than not, your venue will shape your entire wedding theme because it’s the backdrop to your big day! So, it’s important that you find a place that personally resonates with you and your partner. 

Lucky for you, Indianapolis is packed with historic buildings, gorgeous hotels, and other venues just waiting to host your special day. In fact, the Indy region heard around 13,500 wedding bells ring in 2022—and that number keeps climbing year after year. 

While I was searching for my perfect venue, I found dozens of stunning hidden gems around the city. I mostly focused on venues around downtown Indianapolis, but my search took me to beautiful halls, barns, and gardens in every corner of the Indy region. 

Today, I’m going to share with you my top picks for the best wedding venues in the Indianapolis region. But before we dive into these dreamy venues, let’s take a moment for a quick reality check. 

Alana and her husband at their wedding at Iron & Ember

Photo courtesy of Alana McConnell

Interior of the Conservatory at Evergreen

Photo courtesy of Conservatory at Evergreen

How do I choose the right wedding venue?

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve had a Pinterest board filled with wedding inspiration for a while now! But it’s finally time to make those dreams a reality—and that means balancing the ideal with the practical. 

As you start looking for the perfect wedding venue, the most important things to consider are vision, capacity, location, and (of course) budget. These four factors will ensure your big day goes as smoothly as possible, while still giving you the picture-perfect wedding you always dreamed about.  

Know Your Vision

Before you start venue shopping, you should have at least some ideas for your wedding theme. After all, you technically could go black-tie in a barn, but it might be better to choose a venue that enhances your vision. With a theme in mind, you can narrow down your search much faster!

My husband and I were initially planning a destination wedding, but we decided to tie the knot in Indy because this is where we met. Instead, we went with a classic, modern wedding themed around our love of travel! This theme needed a venue that could be a blank canvas of sorts—a place that looked simple and modern but could be decorated to feel more like us. 

Consider Guest Capacity

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to sit down with your forever partner and figure out how many people you’re going to be inviting to the wedding. This number is probably going to change throughout the planning process, but having that ballpark guest count is so helpful in filtering your search. 

My advice? Don’t feel too overwhelmed or discouraged when you’re making your first list. Your parents might try to convince you to invite another third-cousin once-removed, but you and your partner should already have a good grasp on what people matter most. I originally wanted to stay around 150-175 guests, and then our first list had over 400 people on it! We ended up inviting 225—and only considering venues with a capacity of 150 or more. 

But capacity isn’t just about the number of people that can fit in the venue. Capacity is also about the amenities available for your guests. Will anyone on your guest list need an accessible entrance? Do you need to rent linens or chairs? Will they allow outside vendors or do they have an exclusive caterer? Keep in mind: the number of guests you bring to the wedding will impact catering costs and other details that factor into your venue decision. 

Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate, venue location is everything! Some couples choose to host the entire wedding in one location, while others split the ceremony and reception across two different venues. Either way, you need to make sure you’re considering travel time and accommodations for your guests. 

Wherever you go, your guests will need a few nearby hotel options at different price points. For the guests flying in, you need to consider distance from the airport and whether they’ll need rental cars. And if you choose to have two venues, you’ll need to factor in travel time between the two places. Make sure you also have enough parking for your guests!

We had our ceremony at our church, and our reception venue was just a short 15-minute drive from there. Best of all, there was just about every hotel chain under the sun between the two locations! This was perfect for us, since all our guests were traveling from out of town.  

Always Stay in Budget

And finally, everyone’s least favorite “B” word. Before you go looking for a venue, you need to have a realistic budget and an estimate of how much you’re comfortable spending on a venue. Historically, the venue will take up roughly 37% of your wedding budget—with an average cost of around $6,000 for venue rental. 

As with many wedding-related costs, the sticker shock can be intimidating. Americans typically spend between $3,000-$11,000 for a venue according to WeddingWire. And that’s not including catering costs, which typically take another 30% of your budget. As you send out venue inquiries, make sure you check whether they have an exclusive caterer, since that may impact your final decision. 

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for—the Top 7 Wedding Venues in Indianapolis! 
VisionLoft Wedding Venue

Photo courtesy of VisionLoft Events

1. VisionLoft Events

First up, we have VisionLoft Events, which is actually a two-for-one ranking. VisionLoft has two unique venue spaces in downtown Indianapolis—one at the historic Stutz building and one at the Mass Ave Cultural District. Both spaces are stunning in their own ways, while still offering an open-concept space for couples to make the venue feel more like them. 

VisionLoft Stutz

Vision: Bright and Airy Historic Setting

Capacity: Maximum 320 People

Budget: Range of $5,900–$8,050

Location: Near the Central Canal in the historic Stutz building at 10th and Capitol.

VisionLoft Mass Ave

Vision: Cozy and Modern Urban Setting

Capacity: Maximum 200-250 People

Budget: Range of $3,500–4,900

Location: Located right on the corner of the iconic Mass Ave Cultural District.

Tinker House Wedding Venue

Photo courtesy of Tinker House Events

2. Tinker House Events

Tinker House is another great downtown option for couples looking for a more intimate space. The building features beautiful exposed brick walls with wooden beams that elegantly blend modern vibes with an industrial style. They also have a gorgeous skyline view off their second-floor balcony that’s perfect for nighttime wedding photos.  

Vision: Historic and Industrial-Chic Setting

Capacity: Maximum 200-230 People

Budget: Seasonal Pricing; Range of $2,500–$9,900

Location: Located on the Near Northside; inside the second floor of the building. You might be familiar with Provider Coffee & Cocktail Lounge down on the first floor!

Building exterior at Finley Creek Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Finley Creek Vineyards

Gardens set up for a wedding at Finley Creek Vineyards

Photo courtesy of Finley Creek Vineyards

3. Finley Creek Vineyard

Heading up north, Finley Creek Vineyard was a place my husband and I absolutely loved! We ended up going with a different venue since it didn’t fit our theme, but this vineyard would be perfect for a nature-forward wedding. They have a beautiful garden patio with a fireplace for cocktail hour—and the space is tucked away so you can party in privacy. 

Vision: Vibrant Garden and Nature Setting

Capacity: Maximum 200-230 People

Budget: Seasonal Pricing; Range of $2,850–$4,500

Location: Located near Zionsville and Westfield in the northwest corner of the Indy region. 

Interior of the Barn at Bay Horse Inn

Photo courtesy of Barn at Bay Horse Inn

4. Barn at Bay Horse Inn

Making our way back down south, you’ll find the Barn at Bay Horse Inn. This stylish barn is an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the city, comfortably nestled amongst the trees. The venue blends rustic charm with the elegance of nature to create a space that’s perfect for couples who want to live out their dream country wedding.  

Vision: Stylish and Rustic Country-Chic Setting

Capacity: Maximum 300 People

Budget: Seasonal Pricing; Range of $2,450–$8,500 

Location: Located between Greenwood and Center Grove, just 30 minutes south of Indianapolis. 

Interior of the Freedom Barn

Photo courtesy of The Freedom Barn

Exterior of the Freedom Barn

Photo courtesy of The Freedom Barn

5. The Freedom Barn

Heading over to the eastside of Indianapolis, the Freedom Barn is exactly the blank slate you were looking for! The barn is a gorgeous two-story brick building surrounded by acres of woodland and even a greenhouse where you can take photos. The best part is that 100% of the profits they make go towards Hope Center Indy, which is a Christian non-profit focused on helping women who’ve survived human trafficking, addiction, and other life-dominating issues.

Vision: Historic and Rustic Barn Setting

Capacity: Maximum 200 People

Budget: Range of $3,000–$7,000 

Location: Located on the grounds of Hope Center Indy, a Christian non-profit on the eastside of Indianapolis.  

Landscape shot of the Conservatory at Evergreen

Photo courtesy of Conservatory at Evergreen

6. Conservatory at Evergreen

On the westside of Indianapolis, the Conservatory at Evergreen has captured the hearts of couples all across the Indy region. This stunning venue is practically a crystal palace with floor-to-ceiling glass around the entire structure. Overlooking its own private lake, the Conservatory is a truly elegant space amid 23 acres of lush, natural woodland. 

Vision: Elegant Glass Greenhouse on a Waterfront Setting

Capacity: Maximum 250 People

Budget: Seasonal Pricing; Range of $3,500–$8,000 

Location: Located just south of the Eagle Creek Park, overlooking a beautiful 4-acre lake. 

Exterior of Iron & Ember

Photo courtesy of Iron & Ember

7. Iron & Ember

Last but certainly not least, we have Iron & Ember up north in Carmel, Indiana. This is where my husband and I held our reception after our church ceremony! The venue blends modern design with beautiful natural light in a way that was perfect for our classic February wedding. (Local brides might also recognize them from their sister venue—Mustard Seed Gardens—which was designed by the same team of creatives!) 

Vision: Open and Modern Industrial Setting 

Capacity: Maximum 250 People

Budget: Range of $4,000–$7,500 

Location: Located in the Brookshire neighborhood right on the Brookshire Golf Course in Carmel.

Find your perfect wedding venue right here in Indianapolis!

My husband and I were so happy with our venue choice, and I know you will be, too! Whether your style is modern elegance or more country chic, there’s a wedding venue for everyone here in the Indianapolis region. These seven venues are just a few of the event spaces we found along our wedding journey. But there are plenty more hidden gems and gorgeous destinations just waiting for you to discover! 

In fact, most of the venues I listed here are relatively new to the wedding scene, each built within the last five years or so. As Indy’s wedding industry continues to grow, I’m sure there will be even more venue options designed to fit every bride’s taste and theme.  

Searching for your wedding venue is such a special experience, and I wish you nothing but luck on your journey. So long as you remember to balance your vision with your budget, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place to say “I Do” in Indy!